What's a Software Delivery Chef?

A chef is a person who can mix tastes, approaches, and traditions to create delicious recipes.

I have a lot of experience in the software development industry, and I use the knowledge to mix approaches, flavors, and methodologies to create beautiful recipes for success.

Let's fusion this together.

Basic Tastes

A chef also knows his theory. What are the basic tastes of the software delivery? The same as those in your mount when you eat a delicious meal.








Come with me on a journey and rediscover the software delivery world.

Classic Recipes

I'll share some classic ways of solving a problem you won't consider because there are more fancy ways of doing what you are doing best. Traditions are called that way because they are well-known and work in most cases.

Regional Kitchen

You could use some inspiration from the others. There are approaches in different parts of the world that you need to learn which might solve your problem.


Mixing different approaches to discover a new taste and a solution is one of the things I do best. We live in a world where the information pours. Let's use it and mix it for our own needs.

Happy reading and experimenting!