I'm so tired.

It seems like every other week I hear of some open source developer being accused of either straight up being a racist or insisting that “everyone deserves to be treated with respect” in regards to right wingers, TERFS, Trump supporters and GAB users.

Dansup of pixelfed recently tooted: https://mastodon.social/@dansup/102331036401358586

“I don't care who joins the fediverse. I'm focused on making the best Instagram alternative for everyone.

It's in our best interest to put politics aside and work together to build a real alternative to corporate social media while treating each other with respect.”

We should respect those that humiliate, bully, harass, threaten and attack PoC, LGBT, non binary people? Who lead campaigns of fear and doxxing?

Who make it their life's work to ensure that everyone not white is persecuted?


Fuck you.

No nazis. No white supremacists. No goose stepping shitehawks. Fuck respecting them and fuck giving them any space to launch their attacks.

“Waaahhh, what about freedom of speech?!” https://xkcd.com/1357/ and fuck you.

“Whaaaa, slippery slope! If you ban nazis who will be next?!” Who ever the fuck supports nazis and fuck your slippery slope.

Christ, I just want a twitter/facebook/instagram/google alternative that isn't run by a person who doesn't understand what freedom of speech actually means.

Run by someone who actively takes a stand against racists and all the other garbage.

That one of my creeping dreads and fears are that whatever new app or service I find and like might be run by a shit person with disgusting views has become so pervasive it's demoralising.

That when someone actually stands up and says “Fuck you, and fuck your racist views” sounds refreshingly novel and surprising it disturbs me how accepting we have become to such horrific things.

We shouldn't be applauding developers like Tusky or Funkwhale when they block Gab. We shouldn't be surprised when decent people do decent things. This should be expected. It's when it doesn't happen that we should be outraged.

But so often we see the opposite. Like beetles to mounds of shit, loathsome people screech about free speech and often mention the “slippery slope”.

We are responsible for our own action or inaction in everything we do.

As someone on mastodon recently said:

“I know devs don't like to hear this but you are morally responsible for how your software is used. If you design a car and its unsafe, you are responsible for the harm it causes.

Grow up.”