Fibreboard, MD or MDF

What is IPE:

For this type of board, small wood fibers are used, smaller than those used for particleboard, which are pressed and glued. During the industrial manufacturing process, chemical components are also often added to improve the properties of the board. Most often water-repellent boards, which are more resistant to water, and fire-resistant boards, which are fire-retardant. They can be found both raw and melamine coated, so their uses are similar to those of chipboard. However, one difference to highlight is that they are an excellent support for the application of finishes (varnish, enamel, lacquers), since their texture is not only smoother but also allows sanding. Although these fiberboards are known as MDF or DM (medium density), these acronyms only refer to an approximate density of 650 kg/m³. If the density is higher, it is logical to speak of HDF (High Density Fibreboard), and if it is lower, low density.