Space & Memory

The key to a fulfilled life is to have as many fulfilling memories as we can, and I've become memories collector since forever.

The Beginning

Three years ago I decided to be a minimalist. Two years ago I decided to move to a studio apartment from a three story house of mine and changed my lifestyle completely.

Last year, without any effort, the universe has actually been very accommodating and aligned with what I aimed for. It allowed me to eliminate doubts, restructured my priorities, test my flexibility and boost my strength. It pushed me to train myself more than any other years ever did.

This year, it's time to level up and grow further. I decided to take a few months journey and experience being a nomad. Not gonna do the extreme ways, will just start lightly, but even that lightly steps have made me challenge my doubts and comfort zone. It will be another learning process for me.

The journey will start soon in few days, but I will start this account with some of my old travel and other memories that I love the most. I'm excited.

Uncertainty is the only certain thing in life.

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