The Spectacle

Alex Gleason has stirred the Fediverse pot by creating a website that allows anyone to spin up a Pleroma server for 10 minutes.

Eugen, the original Mastodon developer, made a public post suggesting that instance admins should block due to the massive potential for abuse. He goes on to suggest that the precedence for ephemeral federated services has already been set by disposable email providers and that Gleason should consider “hav[ing] a moment of introspection about how good of an idea open world disposable servers are.” The thing is, there are copious amounts of disposable email providers that exist today whether or not they are a good idea. It's not entirely fair to place heat on Gleason for being the first to implement this capability in the fediverse, besides he seems to be enjoying the publicity.

If you're curious enough, there's nothing stopping you from trying out If you're a server administrator, you may want to consider protecting your users by blocking that domain. Blocks are automatically wild-carded by Mastodon, an issue originally clarified by... Alex Gleason.

the Moon is wet.

What does this mean for the future of Moon? It means NASA is now even hungrier to colonize it and they have an ambitious timeline.

NASA hopes to head to the Moon in 2024, taking the first person in more than 50 years and the first woman ever to step foot on the lunar surface. By the end of the decade, it wants to have established a “sustainable human presence” on the Moon.

They only received $600 million out of the $1 billion they requested for the lunar landing project but NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine is determined to push forward with “more creative” funding initiatives. It's hard to ignore the fact NASA is an American agency and how that might influence the definition of “more creative” but maybe this could be our opportunity for Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism? Probably not. But yo, the moon is wet.

Amusingly, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) posted a DMCA take down request on every GitHub repository with the source code for youtube-dl.

youtube-dl is a command-line program that allows you to download (hence, -dl) videos from YouTube! The RIAA really hates this because it means possibly circumventing the access controls on the music that they own. However youtube-dl isn't exclusively used to download copyrighted songs. It can be quite convienient for pre-downloading long-form content such as lectures and interviews that may be difficult to stream over poor internet conditions. It's also used by PeerTube creators for importing their content from YouTube.

While it is already rehosted at least once on one of the many alternatives to GitHub, you should probably also stash a copy/create a mirror for yourself! Perhaps even as an image file. One cheeky fellow used a known bug to include the source as part of the git tree in the DMCA repo itself.

Recently Microsoft's new open source wonk Sarah Novotny suggested that linux could not sustainably be developed via email, as it has been since its inception. Instead she suggested, without explicitly saying, that GitHub would be a better platform. Microsoft owns GitHub. Truth is git was designed for email and Microsoft is famous for Embrace, Extend, Extinguish. Perhaps the more vulnerable software projects should start thinking about going underground.

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