A solution to the problem of program jam when the CPU keeps high

after starting idea, idea will take up 20-30 CPU, and Java program will take up a lot of CPU, so that the utilization rate can reach more than 90 or even 100%. It caused the death of the program card.

In view of this situation, I hope to reduce the utilization rate of CPU, so I tried many methods

1 to reduce the automatic syntax check of idea. In the lower right corner of idea, there is a portrait of a villain, which can be adjusted. After reduction, the utilization rate of cup can be reduced by about 10-20, but I don't know aws testing why, this level will be automatically raised, and it will be adjusted to the microsoft certification practice test highest level.

  1. It is found that the Java virtual machine also takes up a lot of CPU, so check the thread of Java running, use JSP – L to select the PID number of Java running in the command prompt box, and use the command jstack – L [PID] [dump address. Stack] to dump the. Stack file.

  2. Use processor explorer to check aws solutions architect associate practice exam the thread with the largest CPU occupation in Java, get TID, convert TID to hexadecimal, and find the correct hexadecimal thread number in the just dumped. Stack file. see.

I found that my occupation is high because org.springframework.boot . devtools.filewatch.FileSnapshot From then on, the problem is located. This is due to the hot deployment of springboot. Find the configuration file and close the hot deployment. Problem solving.