God Inspired Parables, Truth, and Wisdom. And Exposing, Therefore, Attacking the devil’s Lies.

This parable is about how God and the devil gather people. Learn about Jesus and the devil, as well as wisdom on how to live a better life, spiritual things, and Biblical things. There are Bible verses scattered throughout this parable that are connected to what is being said. Some things in this parable are true, some I think are true, and some things are from my imagination to represent things.

I hope it helps you in some way, and I hope you enjoy it! I pray that God will lead you through this parable so you can get what piece or pieces of information you need in your life.

Day 1

1.                 20 people walk into a diner.

2.                 To the left is a highly exquisite and fancy-looking place with a small circular table at the front, with hundreds of delicious foods, drinks, candies, alcohol, and cigarettes.

3.                 Along the wall were fancy leather chairs and tables.

4.                 In the far left corner, against the wall, was a fancy couch facing a big-screen TV.

5.                 Amongst all this, a fancy-dressed butler/waiter assured them to come with his left hand.

6.                 He had a white napkin over his right arm, which was crossed over his body.

7.                 And the whole atmosphere had a fancy vibe.

8.                 Then the crowd looked to the right, where the fancy vibe transitioned into a more blue, green, and white, calm vibe.

9.                 And there was an old wooden roundtable that looked like it could fall over at any point.

10.            With wobbly-looking wooden chairs.

11.             And there was freshly baked bread, and some cookies, and some milk on the table.

12.             To the right was a tree with a branch hanging over half of the table.

13.             There were some bushes and a pond with lily pads on it, some cardinals in the tree, squirrels, and rabbits in the bushes.

14.             And frogs on the lily pads and ducks in the water.

15.             In the front of the table was an old, kind-looking, smiling man with a shepherd's cane and an old shepherd's light gray cloak.

16.             Next to him was a little scraggly-looking sheep that was acting like a dog.

17.             And on a pedestal in front of the old man was the book opened up.

18.             As most of the crowd made “uhh” and squeaky noises of discussed, or weirdness, of what they were looking at.

19.             As 17 of them, without much hesitation, went to the left, as the butler professionally started to serve them and make them feel at home, giving them many delicious treats, and they began to munch happily.

20.             As the waiter grabbed the remote and asked everyone what they would like to watch, As he turned on the TV and pulled up a movie.

21.             As the ones sitting around the tables chatted and laughed.

22.             And the ones watching the TV rumbled with laughter as the food and popcorn flew everywhere.

23.             But three people remained, like something was just pulling on them to go to the kind old man they felt sorry for.

24.             So the three started to walk towards him, and as they did, they appreciated the natural outdoors look, that was somehow inside.

25.             As they walked closer, they observed all the little critters.

26.             As the scraggly sheep hopped towards them like a dog to greet them.

27.             As the three strangers all bent down to pet the sheep like three good friends doing the same activity together.

28.             Then when they got up, their eyes were drawn towards the book, and then to the old man that ushered them with his right hand to sit down.

29.             As they sat down, they were surprised at how comfortable the chairs were.

30.              And were also surprised at how there were conveniently just three of them.

31.             As the looked at the old man who just smiled and sliced the bread, and buttered it with some fresh homemade butter.

32.             And then poured them each a glass of milk and gave each a plate perfectly filled with three cookies.

33.             As they bit into the bread, which tasted like nothing, but yet everything, it was amazing!

34.             The milk was the same, it tasted like nothing but yet everything!

35.             The same with the cookies.

36.             As a red cardinal landed on one of their shoulders as they fed him small piece of their cookie to eat.

37.             As the sheep jumped on one of their laps, and they petted it, then looked up at the table and saw a comb they had not seen before, like it just magically appeared.

38.             As they grab the brush and started brushing the scraggly sheep, dog, thing.

39.             And the person in the middle felt a nudge of a duck's beak as he dropped some bread crumbs for him to eat. as a squirrel climbed up their chair and stood on once head.

40.             As a rabbit jumped onto the lap, of the one on the left.

41.             As the three looked back up to get another bite of the bread, they suddenly noticed an acorn and carrots on the table, which weren't there before.

42.             As they look to see where the old man was to see if he put it there, but the old man was in front of the book reading it, and he looked up and smiled.

43.             As they were still confused about how they got there, one grabbed the acorn and gave it to the squirrel, which started munching away into the acorn on top of their head.

44.             Another gave the bunny a carrot, and they stroked his soft ears while he ate it.

45.             As both sides were enjoying themselves, all of a sudden, a rumble was heard outside.

46.             They all looked out the window, and saw a great flood just a bit higher than the diner itself was rushing towards them!

47.             It got to them so quickly none of them could have time to even flinch.

48.             As the waiter had planned this for some entertainment.

49.             He had set up some glass that went up and over the tables, couch, and TV where all the guests were sitting.

50.             As the waiter made it look like he grabed the water with both his hands, he lifted it over top of them like he was water bending from Avatar: The Last Air Bender.

51.             As the crowd gasped in amazement as they watched the water rush over top of them.

52.             On the right side of the diner, the flood rushed towards the three people and animals as the old man slightly lifted one of his hands and pushed the water down into the ground, absorbing it all in one fluid motion.

53.             And all the excitement, no one even noticed that the shepherd's cane remained floating in its position without his hand holding it.

54.             After the water was all gone, the crowd clapped at the waiter, who bowed.

55.             While the three in the chairs did not clap, they said thank you for saving them to the kind old man.

56.             As their were extremely thankful!

57.             Later, while everyone on the left side was taking a break from watching and eating, some noticed that three people went over to the strange old man.

58.             As they began to make fun of them for making such an un-entertaining, and weird choice.

59.             Some more piped in by saying that the old man just pushed the water into the ground wheres the entertainment in that?

60.             The three sitting around the old wooden table were starting to feel either angry or bad about the remarks towards them.

61.             As the old man lifted three fingers and swiped them in front of the 17 who were laughing and making fun of the three that were beside him, as all of a sudden, the 17 stopped and went back to praising their waiter on what a fine time they were having and how amazing that water trick was.

62.             The old man tells them not to worry about them as they continue what they are doing.

63.             As a time-lapse commences.

64.             We see the three people, none of which are outgoing, start to chat with their newfound friends as they played and ate with the animals.

65.             And they listened to the cardinal's sweet songs, and enjoyed the amazing food.

66.             And on the other side the 17 people were laughing, smoking, and made different emotional faces as they watched the movies.

67.             As the day was winding down.

68.             The old man ushered the three with the animals close to the pedestal which had a Book on it.

69.             As the old man introduced them to The Bible.

70.             The three had all heard of the Bible, but none had read it themselves.

71.             As the old man said that he would start reading it for them, and he will give them each their own copy to take home.

72.             The old man stood in front of the Bible with the three people, two on one side and one on the other with the animals at their feet, and on their shoulders, and on their heads.

73.             As the old man began to read the Bible.

74.             Meanwhile, the 17 people were starting to get restless.

75.             So the waiter snapped his fingers as a poker table, a pool table, and a ping-pong table appeared from the ground as the floor moved aside, and an elevator contraption underneath the floor lifted up each table.

76.             As the guest “Awwed” in amazement.

77.             As the waiter ushered them to each of the different tables.

78.             And they started playing poker, pool, and ping-pong.

79.             As the old man read the Bible to his three which were with him for the rest of the day.

80.             As the 17 played on the different tables, and the waiter brought them anything they asked for.

81.             As they all left and day one ended.

Day 2

82.             The next day, the 20 people walked into the diner.

83.             A sign in the middle of the room said the “Reveal Day.”

84.             At once, the waiter ripped off his fake mask, revealing himself to be the devil.

85.             At the same time, the old man disappeared into a cloud and revealed himself to be Jesus Christ.

86.             As the onlookers were shocked in amazement.

87.             As 6 people from the 17 started to feel anxious, not wanting to be part of a Biblical decision,

88.             So they left.

89.             2 of them will return to this diner later and choose the old man.

90.             The other three would never choose a side, so they automatically chose the devil's side… (For if you don't choose to believe in Jesus, then you are not with Him, then you are not saved.)

91.             But the 11 that remained didn't care that it was the devil they were hanging out with the day before.

92.             Some even thought it was cool.

93.             And some thought, who cares, it was a fun time, and they would like to experience it again.

94.             As the 11 went over to greet the devil, he was still dressed in his waiter uniform.

95.             As the three walked over to Jesus and kneeled before Him, humbling themselves and worshipping Him.

96.             The three had suspicion and a feeling that the old man was not who He seemed, but they could not put their tongue on who He was.

97.             But now it made perfect sense.

98.             As they were on the ground, they told Jesus that it was an honor to meet him and stand before him.

99.             As the devil saw the three bowing before Jesus he became jealous.

100.       So he aggressively told the 11 before him to bow before him.

101.       This took them by surprise with such an aggressive attitude, but they bowed anyway.

102.       Then the devil tried to make them forget his aggressive action by handing them some delicious food and pulling up a movie.

103.       Meanwhile, Jesus told them to rise.

104.       And he ushered them over to the table, then He swiped his hand over the entire table and chairs.

105.       As the wooden table and chairs turned into even more elegant chairs and a table then even what the devil has to the left.

106.       As they were made with rare jewels and had a shine of unimaginable elegance.

107.       And the bread, cookies, and milk turned into an array of foods, cookies, and drinks.

108.       Even more variety than even what the devil has on his side.

109.       Jesus explained that the reason why He looked different was because it was a test.

110.       As only the ones who feel his pull came to him, and the ones who like the more simpler things to life, and the ones who feel bad for those who are alone and have respect for the elder.

111.       These are some of the many tests that they passed.

112.       The three said that, that information clears up a lot of what happened yesterday.

113.       And while the food tasted so delectable.

114.       As the three sat down, the animals gathered around as they did yesterday, all in their designated positions.

115.       And the sheep did not have any knots or curls in site, since he was freshly combed from yesterday.

116.       As the three joked, now that there were more than three food options, they didn't know where to begin.

117.       As Jesus swiped his hand, a dish appeared in front of each one, and Jesus said if they couldn't decide, He would pick their favorites to put in front of them. (As Jesus and God know you better than you know yourself.)

118.       As they began to eat.

119.       Meanwhile, the devil switched the TV channel to a basketball game.

120.       Then he opened a cigar and started smoking while he kicked up his feet.

121.       Some wanted to be like him and did the same.

122.       The ones around the table laughed and enjoyed the food, while the others shouted and cheered for their favorite basketball teams as popcorn and other foods and beverages splashed and bounced on the couch.

123.       As they shouted for the waiter.

124.       The devil came and vacuumed them up quickly and went back over to his chair to relax.

125.       After everyone was finished eating, Jesus gave a Bible to each of the three people around the table and placed it in front of them.

126.       As the three eagerly began to read God's word.

127.       And whenever they had a question, Jesus would tap their head, revealing the answer since they now have the Holy Spirit. (Romans 10: 9-11) When you believe that Jesus rose from the dead, you receive the Holy Ghost, which seals you with eternal security, but not in till you strive to get closer to God can you receive His power to help you and others in many ways, including hearing God's quiet, wise, soothing voice in the back of your mind)

128.       And whenever they wanted to be able to see a scene from the Bible, Jesus would tell them to close their eyes as He swiped His hand gently over their eyes, as they saw a glimpse from the past and of a specific moment that they wished to see from the Bible, like they were watching a movie.

129.       A real life movie.

130.       Meanwhile, the devil was teaching some of his people how to do some cool signs with their hands and teaching them how to be cool.

131.       That is tattoos, shaving their heads, doing mean things, smoking, and making cool symbols with their hands. (In the Bible, it says you shouldn't mark you're your skin, or shave your head bald. (Leviticus 19:27-28) (though it is in the Old Testament, so it no longer counts according to some people regardless, God did put it in the Bible for a reason, which means He doesn’t prefer for you to do those things) or let your hair grow long if you are a man, or shave your hair short if you are a woman (1 Corinthians 11:14-15)

132.       As some who were watching the basketball game started to get bored.

133.       So the devil said allow me, as he switched the channel to another basketball game, which was in overtime and was a nail-biter which perked their attention once again.

134.       Then, after each group did their selected activities for a bit, they moved on to something else.

135.       Jesus ushered the three people to where the tree and pond were, which only looked like a tree and pond on the outside, but once they stepped closer, an entire landscape appeared.

136.       As they looked around at the wonderful beauty, Jesus asked which animal have they always wanted to meet?

137.       One said a giraffe, and a giraffe appeared in front of them and bent his long neck down. An apple appeared in their hand, and they fed it to the gentle giant.

138.       Another wished to see a Stegosaurus, as one appeared in front of them, but it did not look like a Stegosaurus that science had told him about.

139.       It looked more like a Stegosaurus from an old stop-motion movie. (I believe that when the Bible says beasts of the Earth, God is referring to what modern science refers to dinosaurs. (Job: 40:15-24 it sounds like God is describing a long neck dinosaurs.)

140.       As Jesus said, many things you have heard that you think are true are false, or lies, or twisted truth.

141.       And tomorrow, I will be going over some of those things.

142.       As He handed a person some grass, which he fed to the Stegosaurus.

143.       The last person wished to see a humpback whale, but then they decided not to because they did not like the water.

144.       But Jesus said that anything is possible through Me and My Father.

145.       As a giant humpback whale appeared in front of them, floating in midair without a drop of water in site.

146.       As in amazement, they stroked and patted the top of this enormous creature's head.

147.       As it gave a satisfying “hummmmmmm.”

148.       Meanwhile, the devil, knowing that Jesus and the other three were gone, gathered the 11 people for a fun and cool activity.

149.       As he gave them paint cans, confetti, worms in a can, spray paint, and glitter and said while everyone's is gone, let's do some redecorating on their side of the diner.

150.       As he showed them how to have fun spraying paint, throwing confetti, and placing worms in a can around their side of the diner and on the table, chairs, and most importantly, the Bibles.

151.       As they all did this, they all laughed at this funny prank.

152.       Meanwhile, after seeing a few more animals, the three could not explain how thankful they were towards Jesus for this amazing experience.

153.        As they were about to began to try and explain, Jesus said there was no need to explain their thanks because He knew how thankful they were from their hearts.

154.       As they walked back into the diner, the three were shocked at the mess they saw.

155.       Paint, confetti, worms in a can, spray paint, glitter, and food was everywhere.

156.       As the 11 on the other side of the diner laughed and said good luck cleaning that up.

157.       As Jesus said calmly, we better get to work

158.       As He began to clean up.

159.       As one of the three people asked Jesus if He could use His power to clean it up quickly?

160.       As Jesus replied what I just showed you today was a glimpse into the future, that is a glimpse of what Heaven, and The New Heaven, and New Earth will be like, which is for eternity.

161.       But, here on Earth, I may always be with you, but dealing with pranks like these, you will still have to deal with yourself, but I will help you.

162.       However, that doesn't mean that you can't get some enjoyment from dealing with rude pranks.

163.       As Jesus showed them some fun ways to clean up, like throwing worms into the trashcan, training the sheep to roll around in the confetti, getting it stuck in his wool, then using a vacuum cleaner to suck up all the confetti off of him carefully.

164.       Then Jesus made some goats appear to finish cleaning up all the food.

165.       And before they knew it, the time flew by, and it was all cleaned up, except for the Bibles…

166.       As they wondered how they would fix them, as the pages were ripped out, and covered in confetti, spray-painted, and much more.

167.       As Jesus said, leave that to me, as He touched each one, making it as good as new, and then zipping to the page they left off at.

168.       As He said when it comes to my Father's Bible, leave that cleanup job to me. (As no man or group of men can ever fully eras, or cover-up, or twist the word of God.)

169.       As they sat back down to read the Bible until end of the day.

170.       Meanwhile, as everyone was enjoying themselves, a stranger walked into the diner and attacked one of the 11.

171.       It was one of the devil's minions, but they did not know this.

172.       As the devil got off his chair and challenged the stranger to a fight.

173.       As they attacked each other in a boxing match.

174.       And as the devil put on quite a show, he easily scares off his opponent since it was all staged… (John 8:44 John 14:30)

175.       As he dusted off his left shoulder and pointed out that he did have a single scratch on his tuxedo.

176.       As those on the left side clapped from the excitement of the fight.

177.       Then everyone left.

Day 3

178.       14 people came back to the diner, the three to the right, and the 11 went to the left.

179.       A time-lapse commences as what each group has been doing for the first two days.

180.       They continued on the third day.

181.       The three learned more about the Bible and did other fun activities.

182.       Meanwhile, on the left side of the diner, the devil showed them more and more violence in devilish movies and shows, as well as more intense close sports matches.

183.       And he kicked up the power of the drugs that he was giving them.

184.       And at the end of the day, Jesus explained to them the fakeness of the stories, shows, movies, world events, and other things.

185.       As the three were shocked on how much fakery there was in the world.

186.       If they had any questions, or want to see examples, Jesus would tap their head to answer their questions.

187.       And rub His hands across their eyes to reveal an example. As He did with the Bible.

188.       And they did this for the last part of the day.

189.       And then everyone left, ending day three.

Day 4

190.       As they all came back for day 4

191.       Two went to Jesus, and the other 11 went to the devil, with one holding his left arm, for he had broken it.

192.       And one arrived late and limped to Jesus's side.

193.       He had sprained his ankle.

194.       As Jesus said, ask Me, or My Father, to heal your ankle.

195.       And he prayed, that is asked Jesus to heal him.

196.       Then Jesus knelt and put both hands on either side of his ankle, but nothing happened.

197.       And he was confused about why nothing happened, but said nothing.

198.       As Jesus said to him I want to help. We always want to help you, but you have doubt that I can heal you.

199.       Though you have faith that I can, you don’t have enough faith.

200.       So Jesus said pray for me to get rid of the pain instead.

201.       And he did, and his pain went away.

202.       As he said thank you to Jesus, and He said you're welcome, but I want to help you more, and heal you better.

203.       As he stepped forward on his ankle, it began to hurt again.

204.       As Jesus said, this is a good time to teach you about faith and doubting.

205.       The devil heard this while the one on his side was telling everyone about his arm.

206.       And the devil quickly said he was sorry about his arm and said he knew just the thing to make him forget about the pain, and he turned on the TV and pulled up a intense movie.

207.       For he didn’t want them to hear about what Jesus was saying about true healing, and not just distraction healing.

208.       As Jesus began to explain, there is a law that people couldn’t ever fully understand.

209.       But the eternal law is why the sin of Adam had caused so much pain, and why I had to be crucified and die to pay for all of My people's sins, and why I can’t just heal you.

210.       Then Jesus began to say a parable.

211.        If you want to write something, but you have no pen, but a friend has one right next to you, you ask them for the pen, and you question in your head that it might fall before it reaches you, and you can see it, and you still think that it might fall, how much more will you doubt if you can't see it, or even know if it is even there, or even know that there is a person there to give it to you.

212.       There for, have faith that I Am there next to you, and have faith that I will give it to you, and have faith that I won't drop it, and have faith that I will put it in your hands, even if your eyes are closed, and each of those times I said have faith, also have no doubt, not even a thought of doubt in your mind, for it is just as important not to doubt as it is to have faith.

213.       And he tried to pray again, but he still didn’t have enough faith, and still doubted.

214.       So Jesus said none of you have enough faith yet, but that is completely normal, and as you go on your Christian journey, you will keep gaining in faith, and doubt less.

215.       Then Jesus said, I really want you to feel better, so gather your faith together, by you all praying, and it will build together.

216.       So they all prayed for his ankle, and as they did, Jesus said don’t just ask, but ask with your emotions.

217.       And Jesus bent down and touched his ankle, and healed his ankle.

218.       As he said a Big thank you to Jesus, and said thanks to the other two for their prayers.

219.       As He said you're more than welcome, and the others said you're welcome too, then they all set down to begin reading the Bible.

220.       For all were comfortable and not in any pain.

221.       Meanwhile, 7 of the 11 were feeling nauseous.

222.       As the devil gave them pills that made them feel better.

223.       As they thanks him for the pills.

224.       What they did not realize is the reason why they felt nauseous, which was because of the devil's overdosed drugs and some uncooked food that he gave them yesterday.

225.       While the three were studying the Bible with Jesus, one looked over as they saw on the devil's side some of his people cheering in front of the TV with a slightly worried look on his face.

226.       Jesus seeing the thoughts in his mind, walked over to him and asked what was on his mind.

227.       As the person explained, he felt kind of guilty that when he was at home, he watched shows, movies, and sports, too.

228.       As Jesus said, watch how they watch.

229.       He watched them cheering, and some were bowing on the ground, worshiping the people, the sports figures, and the stars on TV.

230.       As Jesus explained, that watching TV is not sin by itself, but that does not at all mean it's good. For it keeps you from reading the Bible and talking about biblical things, or do anything good for anyone else, or doing good stuff with your time, you just sit there and be entertained.

231.       And it has lots of bad influences, and on top of all that, most of it is fake, ever what you think is real. And with all of that, is should most definitely be second priority in your life.

232.       As he asked the person do you do any of these things, or let it keep you from doing these good things?

233.       As the person answered no.

234.       As Jesus said then it is not bad, but also not good, but okay, I still want you to enjoy your time here on Earth,

235.       Just be extremely careful about how you go about doing that, for some entertainment can become an addiction, for you should treat it like sweets, you have only a little bit, after the main meal.

236.       Then Jesus added, however, if you would take one day, or one week, or a month, with no TV or entertainment, you would be surprised on much you could get done for yourself and for others, and you my even realize, that you feel more alive, and happier, with no TV or entertainment.

237.       For it may stimulate your brain, but it does nothing to stimulate the rest of your body.

238.       As the person who asked said thank you for expanding all that to him and went back to reading the Bible.

239.       As the rest of the day went normal as the previous three days went.

240.       As they all left.

Day 5

241.       They all came back and saw a sign in the middle of the room and it said, “At the end of today, it is time to pay for this experience.

242.       As everything went normal on day five.

243.       And at the end of the day, all 11 people pulled out their wallets and asked the devil how much this experience will be.

244.       As the devil quickly said no, no, this experience is completely free.

245.       As they're all were shocked and happy that they did not need to pay any money.

246.       As the devil then added, there are a few things that you could do if you want.

247.       As he gave each of them a list of some simple, and fun things to do.

248.       Such as making a YouTube video to glorify the diner, but he asked them not to say directly that he was in charge of the experience since he didn't want the credit, and also since some people think that he is scary.

249.       He goes on to ask them to tell what a fantastic experience they are having, and say to their friends about some of the scary movies that they liked, along with other simple things, and most importantly, going around and making fun of people who believe in God, or Jesus, as he said this he look on the right side of the room trying to hide the fact that he was clenching his teeth.

250.       The 11 people were shocked at the simplicity of the payment, and each picked out a simple task to do.

251.       Meanwhile, the three pulled out their wallets but said they did not feel like they had nearly enough money to pay for this amazingly wonderful experience.

252.       But Jesus said that He did not want any payment.

253.       He simply wanted them to spread His Father's word to as many people as they can, if they have the chance.

254.       And to always continue to talk about the Bible and what they have learned from here to themselves, to friends, or to family.

255.       And to pray whenever they needed assistance.

256.       And to always strive to be the best person they can be, and to be kind, and do good things to others.

257.       They said they will be more than happy try to do all of that as much as they can.

258.       As Jesus said, except for talking about the Bible and biblical things, you all have been doing most of those things already, but you can all strive to try and get better.

259.       For now, you have the knowledge, and the courage to tell and talk to others about the Bible, for the Holy Ghost will help you, but you must choose and strive to do these things first, then He will help you.

260.       As they all left on day five.

Day 6

261.       As everyone came back to the diner, and when to their respective sides, and told that they had begun to do their payments.

262.       Then, they went on with the rest of their day.

263.       From this point forward, we will skip through time to see what each side will become, and the important things that they will learn throughout the years.

264.       As the devil, would get his minions to do more, and more, and darker, and darker deeds gradually doing it making almost unnoticeable to them.

265.       And watching more darker and evil shows and movies.

266.       And every time they left the diner, the three would try to preach the word of God as they passed by the other 11.

267.       Some quickly walk away, some just laugh at it, some mock at it, and some would say it's crazy that they choose to spend their time reading a made-up book when they could be enjoying themselves.

268.       However, the three kept trying to change the 11, and one of them eventually realized that they were on the wrong path and decided not to go to the diner.

269.       They had not entirely switched to the right side, but they did decide to leave the wrong side, which means they're not saved, but are going in the right direction to be saved.

270.       As one day only 10 went to the devil side.

271.       The devil did not feel it was worth trying to keep one from leaving, as they do not know enough to make them a threat.

272.       So he simply told the 10 that one of their friends decided not to come anymore.

273.       As the other 10 could not understand it, neither did the devil, but he said they must respect their decision. It is their loss.

274.       Now, skipping headed even more time,

275.       The three who were reading the Bible with Jesus were learning more and more about the Bible, becoming wiser, and making better decisions for themselves, and helping others to avoid making bad decisions.

276.        And they didn’t feel as anxious or worried about life, for they realized they could put their worries in God’s Hands and trust in Him, making them feel so much happier and at peace as they when thought life.

277.       As those with the devil were getting less satisfied with the food and shows, they had been watching, always having an urge and coveting more, or better food, or more intense moves, or more darker shows.

278.       All while the devil was getting his 10 deeper and deeper into the mess of which he created, causing more problems to them on purpose secretly with their food, which meant more and more pills.

279.       Which he always conveniently had the right pill to fix the problem at the right time. He said he could sense what they needed before they needed it. Of course, we know otherwise.

280.       And whenever one of the three came in with a headache, or cut, or some type of injury, they would pray, that is, ask Jesus if He would heal them and if they had enough faith, that is, fully believed that He could, and doubted not, He healed them.

281.       And they learned more about prayers.

282.       And then the devil decided it was time to explain to his 10, who trusted him enough at this point, to show them his version of the bible, the truth of Earth, and actual history, in a twisted way.

283.       And he admitted that he had tricked them, thinking that some things were a lie, when in reality it was the truth, and said things that were truth when it was actually a lie.

284.       And they were shocked by this at first.

285.       But when he explains that only the elites should know of such things, he went on to say that he has chosen them to be the elites, and he will share his power with them, unlike God who keeps all the power to himself. (Which is of course, a Lie, for God gives His power to those who love Him)

286.       And with their greedy minds, and the lure of power and control, and the thought of knowing knowledge that most people don’t know, made them completely forget about the fact that they were originally all lied to by the devil, and listened eagerly, as the devil began to speak.

287.       And unlike Jesus who gave a Bible to each of the three, the devil was the only one to read his version of the bible.

288.       As the years went on, the devil shared his version of the bible and told the twisted truths of the world, and he quoted scripture purposely out of context to his 10.

289.       And every time they walked out of the diner, the three would try to spread the true word of God to the 10, and try to turn them back to the light.

290.       But this failed time and time again, making one of the three decide that it was pointless. (Some don't believe God's word because they were taught it was crazy or a lie, or have cognitive dissonance, but could at some point realize it is true, but some are reprobates, which can never believe in God (Romans 1:28) Since you don't know, you should always try to spread God's word to try to save as many lost sheep as you can.)

291.       But the other two persisted on, and after a long time, eventually their persistence paid off, and they got one to decide that he did not want to continue on this dark path.

292.       However, he was much too deep in a hole, to just step away…

293.       So when he simply called the diner to say that he was not coming anymore, the devil commanded one of his minions, who had a demon in him, to kill him while he was sleeping that night because he knew way too many of his secrets… But he went to Heaven because he believed in Jesus and trusted He would forgive his sins, just the day before he died.

294.       The next day, when only 9 stood in front of the devil, they were now at this point so twisted and dark that they did not even have much emotion when they heard about their fellow member’s death.

295.       And the devil said it was caused by God.

296.       And at this point, they already had a deep hatred towards God and Jesus, and this only strengthened that.

297.       And while they are all on the couch watching an evil dark movie, before they got into the twisted bible listing part as they had been doing, they were interrupted by Jesus and the other three laughing over something.

298.       They all stared at them angrily, since it was interrupting their dark and moody movie.

299.       A few seconds later, Jesus and the other three laughed again.

300.       They were quite enjoying themselves as Jesus explained some funny moments in the Bible.

301.       Which made the 9 people on the devil's side even more angry at the interruption of their movie, as the laughter did not fit the mood at all.

302.       As the devil whispered to the one closest to him and asked him if he knew why they were laughing.

303.       He answered he did not.

304.       And the devil replied that they are laughing because they are planning a plot to destroy us all.

305.       And he whispered this information on, which made them even more furious once they heard about it.

306.       As 3 of them, who were the most angry, got up from the couch fueled by anger as the devil slightly smiled, knowing what was coming next.

307.       As they walked towards Jesus, wishing to end this once and for all, as they pulled out some pistols.

308.       Scaring the three around Jesus, but Jesus stood firm as He just swiped his hand making the magazines fall out of their pistols.

309.       As He warned them not to come any closer.

310.       Saying you don't have to do this, think of what you are doing, choose wisely, believe in Me, and I will forgive you of your sins and trespass.

311.       They paused to listen, like they were in a trance, but they did not listen, instead, they pulled out their knives and charged toward Jesus, who with one swipe of his hand disintegrated them as they vanished into thin air.

312.       As the devil got up and yelled at Jesus saying that He will pay for that, and that they will win.

313.       Even though he didn't care about their loss at all.

314.       But he turned around and told the 6 that remained that none of them were strong enough to face Jesus, but he is, and he will protect them, as long as they follow everything he says. (The devil doesn't want to be better than God, but he wants to be as of God, or like God.)

315.       As he told them, they would only have the strength to attack Jesus when he tells them to attack.

316.       Meanwhile, the three thanked Jesus for saving them and their animal friends.

317.       As He said you're more than welcome, as they continued on reading the Bible.

318.       As the devil put up a big soundproof curtain to separate the diner into two different sections, so Jesus and the other three could not hear them talk about how they would take them down, but Jesus could still hear them for He hears everything. And the devil knows this, but does it anyway.

319.       The soundproof curtain also made it so when they left the diner they did not see each other.

320.       Since the devil assumes that his 6 were all too corrupt to be turned to the light by the three followers of Jesus, but he did not want to risk it.

321.       As the next couple of years went by.

322.       The devil corrupted the poor souls underneath of him.

323.       As he preached his version of the bible to them, telling them more about his plan, giving them eviler, and eviler tasks, and rewarding them with positions of power, and showing them techniques to keep them in better health, and promised immortality.

324.       And these techniques worked, they did help with their health, which may them to believe that immortality was indeed possible.

325.       Meanwhile, the three with Jesus have been studying the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and learning about the Bible characters that used to walk the Earth, from Adam, to Noah, to Abraham, to Jacob, to Samuel, to David, to Elijah, to Elisha, to John the Baptist, and as read their life stores, they learned about how they sinned and made mistakes.

326.       They could learn from these so they did not make same mistakes. Then they read through Jesus's time, which He could describe in more detail than you could ever imagine since, He is Jesus.

327.       Of course, that is just to name a few of the characters and books in the Bible.

328.       There are many more biblical figures and books that they have gone through.

329.       If fact, they have finished studying the Bible all the way through and are now going to reread and restudy it again. Every word, phrase, and sentence inspired by God can have multiple meanings or applications, so we could reread the same thing and learn an additional thing from it. That is why it is a lifetime of learning.

330.       But usually, the clearest point is the main point.

331.       Jesus had also been teaching them the truth, which had been distorted or covered up with the lies of the devil.

332.       And while Jesus taught them all of this, He showed and taught them how to use discernment to tell what is fake and what is real for themselves.

333.       And much more as the years went by.

334.       Now, the devil and his minions would leave the diner late at night, so they could do some evil rituals and deeds late in the night.

335.       The devil had also chosen 3 of his minions that were the most evilest at heart and pulled them aside secretly so the other 3 would not become jealous.

336.       And was grooming them like Palpatine groomed Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars.

337.       He was giving them more information about his grand plan than he gave to the other 3.

338.       They would also stay out even later into the night to do darker rituals and eviler deeds.

339.       And whenever the other 3 asked why they were out later than them, the 3 would simply answer that their tasks involved them going later into the night.

340.       And once they left, the 3 would smirk at each other, knowing that they were even more important than the other 3.

341.       At this point, they were so corrupt the devil decided it was time to teach them the Bible, the one and only true Bible, to learn the enemy's tactics and beliefs and how to twist them and exploit them.

342.       As the devil began reading The Bible to them.

343.                   As more years went by

344.       As the three with Jesus are nearing the end of rereading the Bible for the 3ed time, they have been reading it extremely slowly to decipher, line by line, verse by verse, and chapter by chapter, for that is the best way to read the Bible.

345.       And Jesus continued to tap their heads to reveal answers and swiped their eyes to show them a slideshow of pictures and moving recreations of events that had already happened.

346.       Also, Jesus taught them some more details about prayers.

347.       And He gave a parable to them about if someone's mom who had an accident and her child prayed for her to get better, and 50 other people prayed for her, too.

348.       And in order for her to get better, there was a certain amount of prayers that needed to happen.

349.       And though 50 people prayed for her, and they were meaningful prayers, they did not have great attachment or great emotion for her, so all of their prayers combined equaled 50% of what was needed for God to heal her.

350.       But her child, who had a great attachment and great emotion for her, prayed, and that prayer equaled 50% because it was more meaningful and this person was in desperation, meaning they could not doubt, and this person had more faith in God that He could heal her more than the other 50 did.

351.       And behind the curtain, the devil has been hiding his plan. Or has he?

352.       Because God knows exactly what the devil is planning on the other side of the curtain.

353.       And through these years Jesus has been explaining what the devil is planning on the side of the curtain to the three.

354.       In other words, the joke is on the devil because the curtain is simply useless.

355.       Though it does make his followers believe that the curtain does something…

356.       And it also keeps the two groups from seeing each other, for the fact that the one group leaves much later than the other three.

357.       But Jesus is okay with this since He does not want His three to try to preach to the devil's followers anymore since He knows that they are so evil and corrupt that they will never turn to Him and are lost…. He doesn't even want them near them to interact with them. (Choose your friends wisely, for their influence can spread to you even if you don't know that it has.)

358.       One of Jesus's followers has now become a priest.

359.       And the three disciples of Jesus recently have been learning more about how to talk to God spiritually in their minds. (The definition of a disciple is anyone who lives a disciplined life and follows Jesus, not just the twelve disciples)

360.       They learned how to shut down their brain to be able to listen to God, or angels, or family members and pets that have passed away who are in Heaven.

361.       And this was all possible because the Holy Spirit dwelt inside of them for He was the connection, or spiritual phone line, to be able to talk to God or angels, etc.

362.       The Holy Spirit is everywhere since He is God, just like Jesus is God, for they are the Trinity.

363.       And they have been working on making decisions, especially those they are struggling with, by deciphering what is their imagination and what is just their emotions, and what things their brain is trying to get in the way of so they can hear the right answer from God. (Some things, you need context or an opinion based on information to be able to hear God correctly, other times it is best to not have any context or opinion to be able to hear God correctly.)

364.       At this point, through Jesus's teachings, they could be able to decipher most of the devil's lies to a degree almost perfection by human standards.

365.       All while doing fun activities in real life and in the place behind the tree where they experience the world to come, and are have fun flying and lying down while floating, along with other miracles that can only be done through God or Jesus or the Holy Spirit.

366.       Meanwhile, with the devils minions, who are now millionaires.

367.       Who have done deeds that are darker than ever before, such as indirect or direct murders, releasing viruses, starting wars, and other evil things that the average human could not even fathom, all within the shadows of the darkness.

368.       While doing fun activities in the diner as they did before, watching movies and shows, playing poker, eating delicious food and treats, smoking, and drinking beer.

369.       And they are doing all these things in their own mansions outside the diner with his or her own butler's.

370.       The devil used to be a butler to them all, For it was a good way for him to gain their trust.

371.       But now, over the years, instead of just giving them delicious foods, certain beers, certain cigarettes, treats, positions of power, money, and other earthly things they wish to have.

372.       He has steadily and slowly been adding prices, to each of these things.

373.       He started by asking, then forcing them to worship him.

374.       And then he asked, then forced them to do darker and more evil deeds to be able to get what rewards they wanted.

375.       Some were completely ok with all of this, others wanted to do all of this, and others didn't care, they just wanted the rewards.

376.       And it was gradually done so it was almost unnoticeable that there was ever a time when they just got these things for free, now they think it's normal to work for them, that is, to order people to do said things, for they don't do much work anymore these days…

377.       The devil originally wore a butler uniform, and slowly took off his disguise, slowly revealing his dark outfit.

378.       And now he dressed in a dark cloak, with his face completely covered in shadow.

379.       And the rest of his minions wear regular clothes in fact, if a regular person saw them or interacted with them, they would never known that they were so evil, for they were so personal and nice on the out side.

380.       Until the cover of darkness, then their true selves they let out, and they would wear a dark cloak, where you could not see their faces, as they did their evil ritual.

381.       And most of these dark rituals are so secret, that only they know about them, of course, other than God and Jesus who will judge them.

382.       One of these dark rituals is sacrificing their first child to one of their god's, which is usually somehow based on a demon.

383.       However, on this particular day, the devil has some bad news to tell them.

384.       Because he is fighting spiritual battles with God's angles, he does not have enough energy to be able to keep them all immortal.

385.       Which absolutely made them furious since they were promised immortality.

386.       But the devil knew exactly what to say to change their mind.

387.       He said yes, all of you will have to go to hell, but only until I win against God, and then I will release you all from it, and you will rule for entirety with me!

388.       Which means you would have to be strong and have courageous to be able to stand within the burning fires of hell until I come to rescue you, my chosen ones.

389.       Then you will have everything you ever wanted for eternity!

390.       This made them all feel like they would have to be strong to serve a purpose, and then they would get rewarded in the end for it.

391.       Making them now excited to burn in hell, making them feel like they are dealing with God's wrath, only to be set free and witness the destruction of God himself, which gave them a power rush.

392.       Also the devil and his minions redecorated their side of the diner, and it is now extremely fancy and dark, dreary, and evil-looking.

393.       With idols to worship, and big pots where the devil has taught some of this minions how to do witchcraft magic, which is all smoke and mires.

394.       And other unimaginable evil.

395.       As the next few years went by, the devil's minions got older and older.

396.       And once they got so old, their skin, though not as wrinkly as it could be, because of the pills, and other medical equipment that only they had access to. (For the Elites have been keeping hidden from us medical equipment and techniques and other medical things that could better heal us.)

397.       However, the devil would come up to one and say that he needed more power to be able to defeat God in the spiritual battle.

398.       And he would politely ask if they would get off their pills and medical equipment and die so he could do a ritual to gain more power.

399.       And their foolishness would be the only way to describe as they would do as he said

400.       And one day, without their advanced medical equipment and efficient pills, unlike the public's fake or harmful pills.

401.       Their skin would shrivel up at such a horrifying pace that they would fall to the ground quicker than any human has died before naturally.

402.       As they would lay on the diner floor as the devil would pretend to do a ritual in front of other minions.

403.       And after he is finished the devil would just smirked, as he enjoyed the pleasure of control and power.

404.       As a time lapse would commence as the devils minions would die one by one in the diner.

405.       It has now been years since the diner club began.

406.       Jesus's three followers shut their Bibles closed as they have  reached the end of their Earthly lifes, but their lives are not about to end, but are only just beginning.

407.       They have deciphered the Bible and have viewed images and videos in their mind from the past to the fullest, and even some from the future.

408.       And have learned the truth, and how to decipher the truth from the lies.

409.       And how to talk to God, and learned how to calm their imagination in their own head down, and how to not let their emotions influents them, so they can hear God accurately.

410.       It wasn't always easy to follow Jesus, for the way to life is narrow, but Jesus goes before them and leads them, and helps them through their trials and tribulations and brings them joy through them, and gives them joy when time is good, for they got joy even with the most simples things in life.

411.       And they were the happiest that a human could be, through the good and the bad.

412.       For they were the outsiders of the world. (God calls His people to be separated from the world, not by distance, but by the way we live. He doesn’t want you to purposely make friends with nonbelievers, not because why not, but because he doesn’t want you to regret it, because you most likely will. Only work with nonbelievers if you have to.) (Romans 12:2)

413.       As Jesus stepped to a corner of the wall to the right of the tree and grabbed the wall, and ripped off a white curtain that was hidden from site, and a bright yellowish glow came from it, as Jesus said as he smiled, go, and receive the first of my many promises.

414.        As they said, thank you for the wonderful time, and worshiped Him.

415.       As He said, you are most welcome, as He smiled a great smile and said, and I thank you for choosing me, then added, the wonderful time has only just begun.

416.       And as they were about to say goodbye, He stopped them and said, this is not a goodbye, for I may still be here gathering my people, but I am also in Heaven to greet you there, and will be with you forever.

417.       As they smiled and joked, well then, we will see you shortly, as they were about to step In, Jesus said as He was holding the curtain open, I may look a bit different though, as He smiled, as the three walked in and disappeared into the light, that is God's glory, and into the land were nothing is impossible, and everything is possible.

418.       As Jesus shut the curtain behind them and you would never have known that the door to the best place ever, was ever there.

419.       And just on the other side of the curtain that separated the diner, lay the dead bodies of wrinkly old fools, who gave their soul to the devil, and let him manipulate them.

420.       Now, they lay lifeless on the floor, all except one.

421.       This one had lived the longest and who was the evilest, and like the rest, had gotten addicted to all his earthly things.

422.       And he was on his knees begging the devil, asking him to give him just a bit of strength to keep him immortal, for surely the other 5 dying gave him enough power to fight the spiritual battle, and let him be immortal.

423.       As the devil said nothing, and then chuckled, and walked over to him.

424.       And in a cold and sinister voice, he whispered in his ear.

425.       All those who died for my rituals, gave me no power. It was all just a show.

426.       As a surprise came over this last minions face.

427.       As the devil continued, but, I will give you one thing to make you feel better.

428.       All of your help will help me, in my goal, to not lose my control on this world, and help me take control of Heaven above, and to defeat God. (In the Bible it says the devil is the prince of this world (Ephesians 2:2) unlike some shows that say he or evil is trying to take over the world, and he is not the ruler of hell, God is (Luke 12: 4-5) And He puts those who don't believe in Him, and deserve to go in hell, the devil has no control on who goes to hell.)

429.       And I will rule for eternity with your relatives, those who are alive at that time at least, for I will win. It is inevitable.

430.       And anyone else who is helpes me, thanks for the help… But, I will not waste my energy to save any of you from hell, that is all a lie.

431.       But… a lie that worked quite effectively, along with worldly stuff, that people get so addicted to, and distracted with, they don't bother to learn about God or even care to know where they will live for eternity.

432.       Those and along with all of my other lies, which have work for generation after generation.

433.       But I digress, sorry I just can't help but tell you the truth just before you die.

434.       As he gave a devious chuckle.

435.       As the one who was on his knees was in complete in shock, as the truth was revealed before his eyes.

436.       As he said noo, noo, please, please, my lord, at least save me. I have been your Left-hand man!

437.       But it was far too late for him…

438.       As the devil walked up to him and pulled some kind of futuristic looking device that was keeping him alive in a mostly healthy condition despite his really old age.

439.       And ripped it off of him.

440.       As he whispered in his ear

441.       Die well, your service would not be forgotten.

442.       As he was speechless, with fear in his eyes.

443.       As his face shriveled up into an old man, as he fell to the floor.

444.       Now all of these fools were dead, because they did not trust in, or learn about, or simply despised God for they did have God's protection, in the seal of the Holy Spirit to keep the devils out.

445.       And for that reason, the devil, and the devils were able to get inside their souls because the person had a weakness they could exploit, or the person simply wanted them to come join their side. Either way, they were a fool or fooled.

446.       As the devil opened up some trapdoors and dropped all of the bodies into it.

447.       As he got rid of his dark and evil outfit and dressed up back into that butler/waiter character that he was all those years ago.

448.       And he swept up the diner and cleaned it all up to make it look as good as new.

449.       And on the other side of the curtain, Jesus puffed into a cloud, and reappeared as the old man with the shepherd’s staff.

450.       As the sheep, who was like a dog, watched as a gust of wind came and curled and knotted his wool as he was once again ready for the next combing.

451.       As Jesus turned to look through the secret veil, he saw His three followers looking as happy as can be, and looking as young as they did when they first came to the diner all those years ago.

452.       As it was time to begin the cycle again.

453.       As the devil pulled down the curtain, and shoved it underneath the couches.

454.       As 20 people stepped into the diner.

455.       As 17 went to the left.

456.       And three to the right.

457.       As the camera moves up.

458.       As we see the three come from behind the veil to greet their three new members of Jesus is flock.

459.       As the Kingdom of Heaven expands three at a time…

460.       As God chooses three at a time, and brining's them out of this world. (God has chosen you, but He gives you free will to you, for it is up to you to decide to choose Him, And  you are responsible to draw closer to Him, and He will draw closer to you (James 4:8)

461.       And three at a time it shall go for decades, centuries, and millenniums, which will add up to a staggering number.

462.       And unlike the devil, who uses as many foolish, and evil people as he can to do his will, and then, as soon as they are no use to him, he tosses them aside.

463.       And goes back to zero, and does it all over again.

464.       Never truly gaining any numbers…

465.                   There are only two paths…

466.                   There are only two destinations…

467.                   There are only two place to spend eternity.

468.                   There is no in between…

469.                   So choose wisely, my friend…

470.                   Choose wisely…

Thanks for reading this! I hope this bight you a blessing! And I hope you have enjoyed this parable. And I hope you have learned something or have gone down a rabbit hole toured the truth, the Bible, and most importantly, to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. And I pray that God will be with you, always. :)

The truth isn’t always popular, or people think it is a lie, but the truth can help you through your life more than you may realize, especially the truth from the Bible, and especially especially believing in Jesus, for that truth affects where you spend eternity.

After I finished, I found this verse (2 Timothy 2:26) I felt like this is a confirmation that this parable is mostly accurate.