Simone Biles Makes History Again

The 2019 US gymnastics championships saw Simone Biles make history again. Not only she became US national champion for the 6th time, but she introduced 2 new skills that no other woman had ever even tried on competition before.

On night 1, she introduced a double twisting double back tucked dismount on beam which she landed successfully. She also did a triple twisting double back tucked somersault on floor, but she had so much power that she bounced back after she landed and she had to put her hands on the floor to avoid a fall; however, on night 2, she managed to do the same floor skill with a great landing.

You can see those skills towards the end of the video.

Simone already has 2 skills named after her: a double layout back somersault with ½ twist on the second flip on floor and a vault that consists of round‐off + flic‐flac with ½ turn on the vaulting table + layout salto with 2 twists, a vault that it is as difficult as its description suggests.

For the rest of the field competing at the 2019 US gymnastics championships, it was a matter of who could be second in the competition, since there was a lock for the top stop with Biles being so dominant. Suni Lee, coming back from injuries, had a strong competition and finished 2nd, followed by Grace McCallum. 2017 world champion Morgan Hurd made some uncharacteristic mistakes on floor on night 1 and she finished 4th, followed by a very promising Leanne Wong, the 6th place went to Jordan Chiles.

Thumbnail and video by Just Artistic Gymnastics YouTube channel: