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Cristian Fabbi | International Education Consultant, Psychologist, Psychotherapist

Early Childhood Care and Education international expert

I work for/with UNICEF Albania, RTM, Fondazione Reggio Children, Learn More

I worked for/with Observatory of Children and Youth Rights, Tirana, Albania, UNICEF Italia, Comune di Reggio Emilia, Reggio Children, Save the Children, Progettinfanzia, ASBR, IBE-UNESCO, University of Goteborg, University of Parma, University of Bologna, Abu Dhabi's Early Childhood Authority, Caritas Switzerland, Edizioni Libre, Asian Development Bank

I am President of Reggio Children

  • Albania (UNICEF, Save the Children, Observatory of Children and Youth Rights)
  • Azerbaijan (IBE-UNESCO)
  • Cameroun (IBE-UNESCO)
  • Chad (IBE-UNESCO)
  • Eswatini (IBE-UNESCO)
  • Guinea-Conakry (IBE-UNESCO)
  • Kosovo (Caritas Switzerland, RTM Italy)
  • Italy (ASBR, Progettinfanzia, Edizioni Libre, Learn More, others...)
  • Laos (IBE-UNESCO)
  • Maldives (Asian Development Bank)
  • Palestine (RTM Italy)
  • Seychelles (IBE-UNESCO)
  • Sweden (University of Gothenburg, Municipality of Gothenburg)
  • United Arab Emirates (Early Childhood Authority WED Abu Dhabi)

Other Countries analysed

  • Democratic Republic of Congo
  • South Africa
  • South Sudan

Mail: cristian [at]

IBE-UNESCO Global Early Childhood Care and Education Frameworks Curriculum Framework English | French | Arabic Guidelines for the System Prototype English | French | Arabic ECCE system diagnosis tool English | French | Arabic Monitoring and Evaluation tool (Compact HECDI) English | French | Arabic

Albania Guidelines for early childhood care and development in Albania, in English, for Save the Children Children's Participation in Child Friendly Cities Planning – Guidelines in English for the Observatory for Children and Youth rights, Tirana, Albania Theory of Change and Logical Framework for the Child-Friendly City Framework in English for UNICEF

Azerbaijan Early Childhood Care and Education Action Plan

Cameroun Quality Criteria for 0-3 and 3-6 English | French | Arabic

Eswatini Quality Criteria for 3-6 English | French | Arabic | SiSwati Early Childhood Situation Analysis [English] Early Childhood Action Plan [English]

Italy (Reggio Emilia) 2022 Deep Dive Child Guarantee Italy (co-author, chapters on ECEC) for UNICEF, Policy brief in English and Italian. Main deep dive report in English and Italian.

Kosovo Handbook for post-COVID-19 (Learning through play) pre-primary education [English]

Laos Handbook for preschool teachers [English]

Palestine Licensing instruction for preschools English | Arabic The project English

Rwanda Early Childhood Situation Analysis

Seychelles Early Childhood Situation Analysis Early Childhood Action Plan

I had the privilege of authoring the ECEC chapters of the Deep Dive Child Guarantee Italy 2022

UNICEF ECARO has been working since July 2020 with national and local governments from seven EU Member States (Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, and Spain) and key national and local stakeholders in these countries. Part of this support has included the development of 'policy deep dive' country studies.

The deep dives are designed to provide the information and evidence base that governments need to develop evidence-based European Child Guarantee National Action Plans. Deep dives analyze policies, services, budgets, and mechanisms addressing barriers to access for children’s services and unmet needs in the key areas of the European Child Guarantee: early childhood education and care, education, health, nutrition, and housing.

There are three reports as part of this deep dive. A policy brief brings together all the findings from the research. It has been designed to help governments to identify the children who should be prioritized in the Italian National Action Plan and to recommend the policy measures that need to be put in place at national, regional and local levels to complement existing policy measures that have been effective in providing positive outcomes for children.

Furthermore, a literature review identifies children in need and the barriers they face in accessing services covered by the Recommendation, and thus contributes to the preparation of the European Child Guarantee National Action Plan for Italy. It identifies children in need with a view of targeting the most effective measures towards those children who could benefit the most from the European Child Guarantee.

Policy brief available for download in English and Italian.

Main deep dive report available for download in English and Italian.

Author(s): UNICEF Publication date: June 2022 Languages: English, Italian