I'm again testing cross-posting on, a blogging platform I'm thinking of using. i thought i had it already enabled, but it does not seem to be working, so either it's broken or there's an accessibility issue. Let's see if this cross-posts?

I am testing the Write Freely iOS app on iPad this time just to see how editing and accessibility work. So far, it seems to work just fine.

This is just a quick test of the Write Freely iOS app which is the companion app that can be used to publish content to


I am currently testing out a new blogging platform,, that I am thinking of using instead of WordPress. One of the nice things I really love about is that it is an extremely simple writing interface, literally a blank post gets started when I log into the web site. I'm still testing out the accessibility of the platform (it does have its issues) but so far, I'm really impressed. Anyway, with this test post, I'll see how things cross-post and will go from there.

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