There are so many things to be grateful for. While I always come with a touch of sarcasm – I must admit that anyone who made in through the last two years (sanity intact) is OG. Like, Snoop Dog OG. What’s crazy cool are the sheer number of blogger’s (self included) who’ve decided to make their fucked up thoughts (or, not) into art – via blog/vlog.

Three that I follow closely are The Rebel Mamas (friends, Aleks Jassem and Nikita Stanley) and The Stoner Mom (Kathryn VanEaton).

Jassem (the blonde) and Stanley (the brunette) have blazed the way (no pun intended) for moms to express themselves without feeling ashamed. Do we love every moment of being a parent, every single day – not really. That’s normal, people. Aside from publishing two books (no small feat), they present regular podcasts. The real message is that motherhood (parenthood, really) is a giant juggling act. To date, one of my favorite podcasts highlights mothers returning to work after extended maternity/family leave. Some points worth noting, ladies. As the pair hail from Canada, some of the employment laws differ. The message, however, does not.

Kathryn VanEaton is a stay-at-home mother of four children. How she does it is beyond me (well, not really – she openly speaks to her daily cannabis use). Like Jassem and Stanley, she openly admits that perfect parenting does not exist. In fact, she speaks candidly to depression and responsible cannabis use. Like The Rebel’s, she makes parenting accessible. She also lists a ton of products (bud, vape, accessories) that have become my go-to’s (or, at least on my list). She hails from the US of A (Colorado, specifically),

There you have it! Three women worth checking out, via two blog sites.

Ciao, and much love!