The Breeders

The Breeders is a band formed at the beginning of the 90's by Kim Deal, the bassist of the Pixies.

It's one of my favorite bands. My best friend and I used to listen again and again to the album “Last Splash”.

Two outstanding tracks in particular:

Invisible man

Driving on nine

In 2008, when Mountain Battles got out, my bud and I split money to get it. To this day, this album remains our favorite.

It's really meant to be listened as a whole, but I won't post every track so again, a selection:

We're gonna rise

Here no more

The Breeders have released three other albums, but neither my bud nor I appreciated them until recently.

For some reason I gave Title TK a chance and listened it dozen of times till it started to grow on me.

One of the songs is a hit, you like it (or not) immediately:


Since I got so pleasantly surprised with Title TK, I'll give a chance to Pod (their first album) and All nerve (the most recent, hopefully not the last one).

Edit: said bud disagree with the choice of tracks for Last Splash. He recs:

No Aloha

Divine Hammer