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It's a shame, ooh.directory just updated their blog entry area, and stated that all blogs are up to date, and blog submissions have been posted, but I (lowly tmo of nowhere-ville who is illiterate and braindead) didn't make the cut of what he (she?) whoever considers a blog. Or a good blog.

I should write more. Get more experience.

That's a direct problem with directories and repositories and places that claim (falsely) that they have everything there. It's like YouTube banning videos, Twitter censoring...everyone, now we have centralized blog directories and adjunct attention-seekers making link dumps (for profit/SEO?), and not listing certain folks of unsavory-ness (such as me, apparently).

Granted, I railed on ooh.directory some days ago on tmo (not out of bitter/non-listing status, but because the service was down, and I assumed (naturally) that it had been a hot topic for the maker to get HN/reddit fame, and he was “over” it – then it came online some time later).

This (this entry) is time wasted. Sorry for the junk post. Haha.

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Remember when “The Fappening” was happening in 2014, where all the celeb nudes leaked from their iCloud accts? (a dude got a hell of a prison term for that).

Well, Twitter was ablaze when a newscaster asked “who is 4chan?” when it cam to the photos/videos being shared on that service (which is a godawful, terrible site, btw).

People thought: “ah, this dumb journo doesn't know what 4chan is, and she is just auto-reading a teleprompter – fool!”

And they were right

Anyway, the topic here is Whois, because I just started fussing with this command in CLI, and it's cool! I did Whois tmo.name (me) and it gave me some general info on my domain and about me (creepy), and then Whois rawtxt.digital (me again), and I can piss with this command every so often for S&G's! Neat!

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Ahh, loggin' (bloggin, to be specific), a new(ish) renaissance of blogs are coming online. Mostly because Twitter is dying, so is Facebook, Mastodon kinda/sorta sucks (in many ways), so, blogs people go to (or start).

What I love is the “here is a new thing, and here is why I am an expert at it” posts. They're annoying, so here's a blog “theory”, instead of advice:

blogging/logging is an act – an ongoing, ephemeral action. Want to write/blog/log? Do it! Every moment one is not blogging/writing is a moment they are no longer a “logger”.

“Write for the archives”? Yea, that is going on too. Suck it up. Most shit will not get read much. Blogging is anti-viral (or non-viral) – most things are not spread far, at all.

Blogging/writing more just means you do that thing more – no extra “affirmation” of status. Experience happens, and that's for you, not a checkmark or a hierarchical anything. In fact, ONLY write for you – that's all.



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Mandatory “a few hours passed, let's write” entry here

I step out on the balcony sporting my new leather jacket (new/old, from Neighbor S – an Arizona Clothing piece that has seen some “weather”). I think: how appropriate – I am some outcast bastard that few people like and this leather is representative of that”.

had a small dinner a bit ago too

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Here's a random thought:

Or random concept

Self preservation and self love is more important than staying with people who are not privvy to that

aka, toxic folks suck

and they do

so, on my own I am, as it is

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Here's some (overly) personal stuff – I, like many men, look at nudes online. Not “porn”. Not “people mating”. But nude scenes of actresses. Men do this, as do younger dudes – it's whatever.

As of several months ago, this practice has been an entertainment venture. One of viewing, enjoying, amusing, but not something that triggers much sexual stimulation. I mean, yea, I'm “healthy”, but with lacking hormone levels, I just don't care.

Noting this


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Here is Inquiry's blog, and here is a screenshot from it:

...and now some responses to that therein:

My response to his response to “Welcome To Whateverville”:

Ditto. So much void and emptyness these days. I sometimes feel like I could make walls crumble from hyperfocus. I will not think/revisit this

Response-response 2:

A life accomplice, yes. A friend/other would be delightful. I had a dog before, was like taking care of actual moving fur. Nothing to be had there.

So, thank you for the responses Inuqiry, I may hammer an e-mail to ya later.

for now, I...have nothing else with the day


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Starting with this post, and then three cups of coffee, I effectively delved into my own mind for two+ hours. In the depths of pathological thought, no conclusions – just being.

Then I visited Neighbor S, he didn't answer. He wanted to do laundry, but I guess he won't get that done.


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It's continuous – the need/impulse to write

I guess from 5+(+) years of opening the editor by default has me like that.

So, here are words

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I need to shave. This is the predominant thought I am having. Everything is grown out on my face, and I feel scraggly. LOL!

I feel nice, though.

New meds arrive tomorrow or the next day (likely Fri). I also have a CT scan Friday. Thur (tomorrow) is my 39th birthday :) So this is the last full day of 38 ;) Not too bad a year, 38, really. Runs laps around ages 30-35, I tell ya that! haha

Thur me and my sister “C” will go to Crusoe's Italian Restaurant a block or so from my apartment. Nice “lower middle class” Italian joint, haha. More of a “stop in for lunch and watch the game” type of an establishment. Oldies go there for dinner, and think they're “eating Italian”, when most meals are likely pre-frozen ordeals. But, it is what it is.

Their pizza is awesome, and I chose to go there, so I am happy about it :)

Now coffee, and it hits 2:00 AM.

I think any/all phone calls that need be made have been made, that I can think of. Messaged by Primary about a pulminology referral (if that's what she recommends). Will hear back tomorrow, I think. And the inhaler works great! Life saver, really.


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