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Sun is out. Wind is blowing. Bugs are bizzing and buzzing around. I am feeling ok.

Mostly wordless in terms of mood/perception.

Weird. Just felt ZONKED OUT all of a sudden. I gave up this blog entry, zoned out o to the parking lot, a red Corvette convertible came through, and after it went through I just STARED for a couple seconds. Like, just...looked into oblivion.

Corvette, though – a rare sight on this property. Common in S County though. I immediately thought of the Prince song “Little Red Corvette”. Classic.

I leave here in 20 mins. Going to get groceries. 1:00 PM we will depart. So then I will be stocked up on goods for awhile. Which is how grocery shopping goes, lol.

I drank my weight in soda today. And likewise this morning with coffee. Too much caffeine. Probably.

Will enjoy the sun some more as I sit.

Back later

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Full moon

I'm out on the balcony. Prepping coffee on the stove. Mostly pitch black out here. A few neighbors come and go. Cool out. I bite off the edge of my thumbnail for better thumb typing. Always been a nail biter.

Feels good to be “with it” on nights like these. Just here. Around. Doing ok.

Can't say much else.

Until later

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Here I sit. Inside. Just in from the balcony. Where I smoked a cig. Neighbors out and about. Laundry. Car driving. Residence exits. People doing whatever they wanted.

I perched atop my stoop and inhaled foliage fire and witnessed the affairs and tasks at hand. Squirrels combed and crawled and hopped around the lawn – food-gathering, nest material scrounging, being curious little critters who must be everywhere all the time.

I will workout tonight. Last night was an off night from the resistance bands. I walked the neighborhood. Cardio is complete. Strength training happens now.

It's all in a day. Back to it.

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My brain/body feels sped up today. Too fast. Too fast for love ;)

Two minutes are left on the oven timer. Food soon. Post walk food. Energy.

I'm mentally catywompus as to what to say next. Or write next.

So off I go

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Reading as daNdy, not “daddy” lol! Meaning I am a sissy person (though I don't consider myself to be). But by the looks of my camera roll, and the Keepers folder on Simple Gallery, I definitely gravitate towards flowers + sunrise photos for my subject of choice.

I went ahead and arranged all photos into the Keepers section that I want to keep, deleted the rest. They're all backed up on Snap.as/tmo, as well as on the main blog.

So now I will organize other shit on the phone.

That's all

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I sit in my living room. Completely dissatisfied with the world 🌎.

I'll go get a soda later. From BP. Get moving along.

Or just visit Neighbor “S”

I'll do that

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“There you sit on the edge of the MacBook...

...expecting to tyyype”

That's a fun song from the 60s. I wasn't alive then, but it was recorded so now I listen to sounds from the past that sound good enough for someone from the future to have access to those sounds from the past (popular).

I sit balconyside. Rescheduled Independence Center, again. The transport cannot take me there by Monday, as my permit is not approved.

So two weeks must pass

Anyway, that's disheartening, because life in Oakville has not become LESS-boring. Just a hopeful future of me A) not being here, and B) not experiencing the boredom.

So here's to patience.

I had a Twix earlier, because inflation has risen, so I can barely afford anything.

Monkeypox is a thing now. With autocorrects to “monkey pix”, so that will be a thing now too. I hope I don't get monkeypox, but by all means, send me monkey pix. Nudes only.

I stare across the parking lot at the motorcycles my neighbors have parked there. Ninja style, as I assume all non-Harleys are by the motorcycle co “Ninja”. I don't ride motorcycles. Or drive a car. Or ride a bike. Or anything considered heavy machinery. Because I'm a headcase who can't negotiate those things.

I can type stuff. So I do. And that takes me places.

It's hot too. My lower half is cooking in the sun, while my upper body is in the shade. I can see this screen.

The sky is pretty blue. Pretty AND blue, and also significantly blue. A nearby neighbor plays basketball in their backyard.

I, as mentioned, sit balconyside and try to see/hear all the things of the neighborhood.

A car came through, honking their horn, needing their presence be announced.

A wasp buzzes frequently. Annoys me.

This is a hell of a perch to see stuff from. It's sort of “front and center” near the edge of the parking lot. So everyone could see inside my apartment when the blinds are open. And I pity them when they look that way when the blinds are CLOSED, because the blinds have lost their white shade, and are now dark with tobacco resin / smoke residue.

Multiple flags are on some building dawning support for Ukraine. The half U.S./half Ukraine flag. It looks nice enough, but it kind of appears as though our countries have merged. I know that's not the implication, but that's what came to mind on first site.

No political news has happened my way in recent days. I guess things are ok? Not ok? Are they ever (just) ok???

My keyboard seems to be shitting out somehow. I need a new phone. Not happening anytime soon. Just celebrated three years with this hunk of glass/metal. I chucked this thing across the room, put a small dent in my door, cracked the top of my crappy TV screen, and dropped it (the phone) face down onto the ground numerous times before – it's still going. Mental illness is very real.

Onto lunch. Or early dinner. Or coffee. Or whatever.


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Let's see how this virtual keyboard holds up in the sun. Haha. Ok so far.

I am waiting for my ride to take me to the doc. Will be here momentarily.

I just ran an update on the Play Store for my phone apps, as I do updates manually (I approve them manually). And I noticed that I do not have the F-Droid app store anymore. I went through the process of uninstalling each F-Droid sourced app and replacing it with it's Google Play counterpart the other week, and then removed the F-Droid store from my phone entirely. I had nearly forgotten about that.

F-Droid was/is cool. Their app icon previews never load, and updates are sparse, but it's definitely cool in concept. I just use Play Store now, so, that works.

That's all for now I guess. No new-age epiphanies or modern world euphemisms to make this entry that of a life-changer. All is the same.

Later, gators ;)

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As I chomp Nicorette. It's the 4mg, so it's some stuff to put hair on your chest. I may chew through a FEW pieces out here, because I'm a Nic fiend, and likely will be for some time longer.

The sky is overcast but dark. The crickets and buggies and AC units still make their noises of night, and I recall an episode of Insomniac with Dave Attell from Comedy Central back in the day. He was in Louisiana and as part of the bar-hopping, joke telling, nightlife exploratory routine, he joined up with some local wildlife rangers, and they went about “hunting” beavers, and possums, and other small animals along the canals and water treatment facilities, because they had become invasive.

They sat in the back of a pickup truck, firing at the small critters as they slunk in the darkness, beer in-hand, jokes and laughter in the air. At one point Dave said “I am enjoying myself immensely” and I could feel the meaning behind that sentiment in the bottom of my soul. The night air, the chills of cool breezes and atmosphere of potential danger and yet total safety enveloping ones senses as the night brought out the predators, yet provided cover.

So I feel this way when the sun is gone, and I am balconyside, hammering text into the dark, sparsely populated chamber of the Little Web.

May the moon shine dimly as the hours go by.

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Crickets galore. I hear them all over. Mating calls. To make cricket babies.

I sit on my balcony with hot coffee, listening to a combination of my AC (from outside), crickets, a frog or two maybe, a distance dog barking, muffled traffic behind the buildings (on Baumgartner), and other creeks and chips from random insects and marcupials in this area.

Neighbors are around here and there. Dog walking. Going to/fro the parking lot. Some disposing of trash. Others fetching laundry. The day in the life of a Telegraph Crossing resident! Haha!

All is well for the most part. I had a workout. And now coffee, as mentioned. And I write this on mobile, as the laptop screen attracts bugs.

If anyone wants to know what's going on?? – nothing. I have therapy tomorrow. And then I will go shopping for groceries on Friday. Confirm transport and other appointments on Friday.

So, I took about for the evening. Likely on the balcony. And get on through it.

Hope all are well :)


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