How to Use Self Meditation As a Personal Help Method Self meditation, or guided meditation can help you feel better over all as well as helping you solve particular mental issues that you may need to overcome in your life. Learning this is not a simple process, but will offer long term benefits for your quality of life, both physically and mentally.

Many people choose self meditation over guided meditation because it is a more convenient and comfortable option. Guided meditation usually takes place in a class or workshop setting and is taught by a certified meditation teacher; self meditation is something you can do in the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule and for your own chosen length of time

Originally practiced primarily by Buddhists and Hindus as part of their religious rites and ceremonies, meditation is now a common way to improve one's state of mind psychologically and physiologically, as well as one's body and soul. Many techniques are not based in a specific religion, even though they may have been developed from religious practices.

Many doctors recommend meditation highly as a number of the following health benefits can be derived.

  1. Reduction in stress
  2. Reducing risk of heart disease and lowering blood pressure
  3. Pain relief
  4. Increased concentration
  5. Easing of phobias

Curbing one's phobias is one of the many different long term results of meditation. Through with this one can resolve personal fears and inner conflict, both of which contribute to ill health and over all stress.

Meditation is about spending time with one's self and finding an inner and centered peace. The time spent alone is one of the most cited reasons for self meditation versus guided meditation where the practitioner is surrounded by others and led by a teacher at a meditation center or workshop. Self meditation is something you can learn from self help meditation books, by listening to a self meditation guided CD or enjoying soothing music.