Using Meditation to Increase Psychic Ability

Nearly every single workbook and how-to guide to psychic development say that in order to increase psychic abilities, it is required to meditate. But at the same time, none of such books explain why is it so. It took my many years of studies during my own psychic development process to understand the purpose of meditation. And now, in this article I'm going to give you the final answer to using meditation in learning psychic powers

I need to say first that no one should think of meditation like some kind of religious practise. In reality, meditation is a way of focusing your mind and clearing your thoughts. And there are many ways to meditate. Some people meditate on emptiness of their minds (it's a Hindu meditation system called Vipassana), but it's very difficult to achieve. Some people prefer Taoist method of meditation that is based on manipulating Chi energies (or in other words, psychic energies).

Others meditate on specific things – they don't clear their minds of all possible thoughts, but they focus all their efforts on thinking about one specific things.

How to meditate? One of the best method I know, that I'm using personally, looks like this: sit down and don't worry about any specific position of your body. You must feel comfortable, and that's the only thing that really matters. No close your eyes. Start breathing a bit deeper than normally. Count from one to thirty. At five, focus on the sound of breathing. At ten, release all tensions of your body. At fifteen, focus on listening to your heart bit. On twenty, clear your mind. After thirty seconds, you should achieve proper trance-like state. And in such, you can remain for five minutes to five hours. But daily practise for normal people should take about fifteen minutes, and for psychic practitioners about half an hour.

All right, so why meditation is helpful in increasing psychic abilities? Because it focused and clears your mind; therefore, it increases energy frequency in your entire energy body that is required for use of psychic abilities. Frequency is also called “vibrations” – can you recall that a lot of psychic development books speaks about rising vibrations? Now you know what does it mean. The higher frequency of your energy body, the easier you can use psychic abilities, and gain access to information through psychic means.