How to Activate the Mastodon v4 DeepL API Text Translation Service

DeepL is a machine translation service with a REST API supported by the Mastodon social networking software. As of the Mastodon v4 release, instance administrators can configure support for user post translations between the following languages:

[Source: DeepL Translation Languages]

How to Configure DeepL Translations on Your Mastodon Instance

Sign Up for the DeepL REST API Service

At the time of this writing, DeepL includes a free plan that supports translations of up to 500,000 characters per month. Paid plans are available for instances that require translation volumes over this limit.

Sign up for a DeepL API account at this sign-up page, then copy your account API KEY from the page.

Configure Mastodon to Use the DeepL REST API

Navigate to the Mastodon directory on your server and open your instance .env.production file in a text editor. Add the following environment variables to the file, replacing [API KEY] with the API KEY that you copied from the DeepL account summary page in the step above:


Restart Your Mastodon Services

Restart your Mastodon services by executing the following commands on your server:

$ systemctl restart mastodon-sidekiq
$ systemctl reload mastodon-web

Confirm Activation of the DeepL Translation Service

The Mastodon v2 JSON API returns a translation JSON field at the following public API endpoint:

https://[your instance domain]/api/v2/instance 

You should receive "translation":{"enabled":true}} in the response configuration field if your instance is correctly configured to translate Mastodon posts.

Instance users will see a “Translate” UI text link in their posts if the posting user properly configures the post language:

An image of a Mastodon post with a Translate user interface link that can be clicked to translate the post text

The text is replaced with translated text inline when the user clicks the 'Translate' link.

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