Is Your Antivirus Tracking Your activities

You install antivirus in your device to keep all the data in your device secured and protected. The main purpose of installing antivirus in your device is to prevent all viruses, spyware, bots, adware, worms, and all the malware infection entering the device. Many antivirus programs offer you privacy protection tools to prevent identity-theft issues.

You use antivirus for privacy reasons but how can you be sure that your antivirus is not tracking you? Some unreliable antivirus programs get caught selling your click information to the third party. With the help of click information, the company can identify the person on the logs. These issues mostly appear when you are using the freeware antivirus program. Not all free antivirus software is dangerous but some of them can be suspicious. Those antivirus programs provide safety tools from viruses for free but then sell users' information to make money. So you should always install a reliable and premium antivirus plan which can keep your device and data secure and prevent identity theft activities. When you Activate McAfee using Product Key then you will get various advanced security tools for protection. Paid plans are free from all the dangerous tracking activities. If you are installing freeware then you must read its reviews and ratings to ensure that the antivirus is not tracking your activities.

The browser security feature of antivirus protects the user from accessing malicious websites. To ensure that you are visiting the safe sites, antivirus must know what websites you're visiting. But when you visit an HTTPS website, the PC encrypts the data before the antivirus checks it. Your antivirus fixes the problem by creating a proxy on the PC which can create fake SSL certificates. When the user connects the device to the HTTPS server; the proxy gets it and checks the URLs. After checking the URL; proxy sends it to the destination with another certificate. Whenever you are suspecting this kind of activity then immediately click on the padlock sign near the HTTPS. Check the certificate by clicking on Issued by option. If you see the name of your antivirus then it means your antivirus is peeking at all your data traffic.

Many antivirus programs, mostly free antivirus come along with some additional tools which seem secure. These PUPs (potentially unwanted programs) can track your browser activities and breach privacy. Many free antivirus programs carry PUPs. Whenever you install the antivirus, make sure your antivirus does not carry PUPs or any malicious threats.

All these kinds of activities mostly happen when you have installed free security software. One thing you should always keep in mind is that nothing in this world is free. You are getting malware removed from the device for free which means your device is paying the price by other means. So, you should understand that if you want to get good security then you have to pay the price.

Always install paid antivirus which can protect your data from malware and prevent all the hacking and other dangerous activities. In case, you are not able to buy a premium antivirus plan for your device then you must check all the features of your antivirus before installing. Don’t forget to read the end-user license agreement carefully. Make sure that your antivirus is not sealing your data and monitoring your activity. Also, make sure that no other program is installing along with your antivirus. Sometimes third-party programs get installed in the device which can perform various malicious activities.

People often install free antivirus without checking any background. You must install a good and known antivirus. Do not install antivirus from a third party website. Check the resources which are used by your antivirus. Make sure your antivirus is performing any suspicious activity on the device. While installing the antivirus, make sure you are not installing PUPs. You should always read all the licenses and installers properly. Do not press the Next button instantly. Sometimes people click the Next button without reading it and then PUPs and other malicious programs get installed in your device easily. If you don’t want to get into any kind of trouble then you should install a good and reliable antivirus in your device which ensures that no one is tracking your activities and your all data is fully safe from all the corruptions.