Welcome to my life book!

DESCRIPTION: This is my life book. The book which is my life. How I managed to heal from severe trauma and how I will continue after my unfortunate and dark past. I'm writing to heal. This is my journey, this is my adventures. An on-going ebook, you may call it. A never-ending one.

HOW TO READ: This page is written with the posts in chronological order, the first post is this one and the latest entry is the one at the bottom. The latest entry is always the one at the bottom. To find them, I write date and time in each so it's easier. This is because I want the feel of reading a book. This is my book. And one day, this might be a printed book...

WHAT ARE THE TOPICS HERE? Well, here I think it's appropriate to write a Trigger Warning; because I will talk about (sexual) abuse and the violence which was my every day life. I will also talk about mental hospitals, mental illness, physical illness, bullying, child abuse, sexual abuse, mistreatment and so on. I won't give massive descriptions of more than what's necessary, but however, I will mention such stuff so read if you feel that you can.

FORMAT. Some entries are full chapters, however, I'm publishing poetry, memoirs, thoughts, in long and short format.

WHO AM I? Well, on the internet I go by the name Takiru, but you'll notice I write about a Trixiebelle Moore in some of the chapters here. Trixiebelle Moore is my pen name when I write, while Takiru is my nickname online. None of them are my real name. My real name is not a secret really, but for now I don't feel it's a necessity to write it here. And who am I? I'm a visual artist/comic artist, musician, coder and writer. I just needed this space to write. I'm 28 years old and live in a small town near Gothenburg in Sweden. English is not my native language, so any mistakes is relatively certain. They will be there. The mistakes I mean.

TAKIRU'S OTHER SOCIALS Vero: http://vero.co/takiru VSCO: http://vsco.co/takirusjourney

URL to this page: http://write.as/takiru