Color your world with FREE MUSIC

Real music created by artists from the heart. Let's turn on some music. Yes, click the link, start the music and continue reading ;–)

The number one resource for free music – Free Music Archive – just changed ownership (oh no!) but don't worry, the new owners have no intention to kill the music on FMA or the free download model.

But nothing is really for free, right? Well, if “free” means that you can access, download and use the music without a budget than yes, there is such a thing as “free music.” It just comes with some conditions. Nothing horrific, just some basic terms to agree upon.

By the way! Did you turn on that 15 min track in the first paragraph? What do you think? We call it our “Linger Longer Latte” demo. Music suitable for coffee bars around the world. Do you want to try something else? What about some: hip-hop, chiptune, halloween or blues? These ones are all on FMA. Free to download, go for it. Or just click the “play page” button in the top right corner to listen for hours.

Back to my point of “Free”. Free music is cool for people without a budget who respect the creator's conditions (credit the artist and/or no commercial use allowed and/or use the same license for your media, etc)

If you rather want hassle-free access to awesome content to incorporate in your YouTube video, Twitch stream, podcast or any other media production and you have a small budget I also have a message: don't settle for those soulless stock libraries, stop doing that. It doesn't do your media justice and in fact you are not helping the next gen musicians trying to get heard and make a few bucks. Rather go here: Tribe of Noise PRO << shameless self promotion with the best intentions to help musicians >>

And I want to test something on Coil. If you are subscribed to Coil you get a 20% discount code for any purchase this and/or next month on Tribe of Noise PRO. Yeah! Subscribers will see the code below...

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