Best things to do on Father's Day with your family Father's Day which is usually the third Sunday of June will be celebrated in over a month! Together with Mother's Day, Father's Day is a meaningful time for us to appreciate our father, who raised us with his heart and braveness. Dads do not say much, but they always think for their loved family. Let’s explore 8 meaningful things to do on Father’s Day! Though some men do not want to talk about their feelings, every father is proud of his motherhood and wants to feel loved like that. While we are busy thinking about great things, a father sometimes just wants to enjoy a good time with his family and have a good meal.

Have a surprise Father’s Day party Having a party is a simple but great idea to celebrate your Father’s Day. A party will connect family members and create happy memories for everyone. You can invite some family’s friends and relatives to your party. It will be the best chance for dad to share his old stories with his children! The most important thing is that you have to keep it secret! How can it be a surprising party if your dad knows about it? Don’t hesitate to ask mom for help and don’t forget to decorate your house with colorful Happy Father’s Day banners and balloons! >>>Read more: Mother's day decoration ideas https://ideas.teeshirt21.com/ideas/mothers-day-decoration-ideas/

Have a picnic If your dad is a person who loves outdoor activities, a picnic will be one of the fun Father’s Day activities that we love to suggest! You can choose several places. You can choose several places for your picnic day, like the park nearby or the suburb. Here is some stuff you need for your picnic: • A picnic blanket (in case your picnic area has no picnic table, you should always bring a picnic blanket in your backpack) • Dinnerware (plates, glasses, knives) • Napkins, ice packs, and bottle opener • Trash Bags to clean your place after you finish • A picnic basket to keep your food • A mini speaker to help the whole family enjoy the atmosphere • And the most important things: your homemade food Don’t forget to bring your camera or your phone to keep beautiful pictures of the whole family on this special day. You will need them for your family album. Cook together If you are thinking of some DIY things to do on Father’s Day, then we recommend you spend a day cooking with your dad. There’s nothing that can connect people more strongly than cooking together. The whole family can gather in the kitchen to prepare traditional dishes while talking and sharing about what they feel on this day.

Watch family movies and films Instead of going to the cinema (which is risky in this Covid-19 situation), you can make some popcorn yourself with a microwave while dad is choosing a movie. When everything is already prepared, let’s gather in the living room with a blanket, some throw pillows, and enjoy the movie! You see, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to feel happy. This cozy atmosphere with your family is one of the best things to do on a Father’s Day gift for your dad! Below is the list of family movies recommended for you according to Rotten Tomatoes. • Toy story 4 (2019) • Inside out (2015) • Spiderman: Into the spider-verse • Coco (2017) • Up (2009) • Finding Nemo (2003) • The jungle book (2016) • Moana (2016) • Ratatouille (2007) • Incredible 2 (2018)

Visit grandparents Father’s day is the day to thank you to your father and your grandfathers, who raised your mom to become a warm-hearted one and your dad to become a strong and brave man. Hence, visiting your grandparents is one of the most meaningful things to do on Father’s Day. The whole family can give a visit to grandparents for the whole day. While parents are talking to brothers and sisters, grandpas can tell children stories about their mom and dad when they were small. Don’t miss the chance to look at the family photo album to remember beautiful memories in the past. Go hiking and trekking

If you have a traveling dad who loves exploring and challenges, hiking and trekking trips are exactly fun Father’s Day activities you are looking for! You can set up a hiking trip with your dad on the weekend as a gift for him. Don’t forget to prepare a good pair of hiking shoes, a backpack, and some snacks. You can bring these Happy Fathers day travel mugs to surprise your dad. Imagine when you give him the bottle featuring “The best dad ever” after a long trekking path, he will burst into happiness! https://teeshirt21.com/shop/happy+fathers+day+travel+mugs Or in case you're looking for a funny T-shirt for dads, we also offer the greatest design that won't disappoint you. https://teeshirt21.com/shop/fathers+day+t+shirts https://teeshirt21.com/shop/fathers+day+funny+travel+mugs https://teeshirt21.com/shop/first+fathers+day+t+shirts

Above are 6 ideas and things to do on Father’s day from Teeshirt21! If you have any other cool ideas, don’t hesitate to tell us in the comments section below.

What to wear at a Christmas party? (Part 1)

Christmas is coming in a few weeks! Have you received any invitations for Christmas parties? Or will you host a party yourself? No matter you are the guest or the host, the thing you are wondering is what to wear at a Christmas party. With the following suggestions, we will help you with some nice ideas for formal Christmas party outfits.

  1. Velvet dress If you are going to a Christmas party with your company, this one will be an interesting suggestion to wear at a Christmas party. The velvet dress is one of the hottest items in the Christmas season. This item is elegant and gorgeous at the same time. A velvet dress coming with a pair of black high-heeled sandals or pumps, and simple accessories like pearl earrings or stud earrings will make you stand out at the party and your partner can’t take their eyes off you. Remember to avoid using cumbersome accessories as they can your beautiful dress. You can choose colors like red, yellow, green, blue navy to express the festive atmosphere.

  2. Cocktail dress For semi-formal parties like a party at your colleague's, a cocktail dress is not only a nice Christmas party outfit but also extremely comfortable and functional. The cocktail dress has a dress form suitable for most people, so anyone can wear it. You can choose for yourself a plain cocktail dress or a printed dress, as long as you feel they are suitable for the party. If the weather is cold, you can put on a fur coat or a blazer. Don't forget to bring a nice clutch in the same color tone as your dress or your shoes.

  3. Jumpsuit If you are not a fan of dresses and skirts, a jumpsuit can be your ideal what to wear at a Christmas party. No one can deny the convenience of the jumpsuit. In addition, jumpsuits are also dignified, helping to “lengthen” your legs and cover defects on legs such as bent legs, or scars. Don't forget to put on high heels when wearing a jumpsuit. You can wear a blazer in the same color as your jumpsuit when are going out.

  4. Sequin If you asking me, which fashion item has the highest Christmas spirit, I will say sequin items. When you walk into the party in a sparkling sequin dress, heels, and a sequin clutch, no one can ignore you. This dress will make you the focus of the party immediately. However, this dress is not suitable for everyone. The sequin material will reveal the flaws on your body more easily than other materials, especially a body dress. If you have big belly fat or arm fat, you should consider carefully before choosing it for your party. If you are confident enough, then just rock it!

  5. Suit Along with the feminist wave, suits, which were the costume of men only, is now used more and more by women. Hence, if you are a strong woman who loves menswear, don’t hesitate to put on a suit as your what to wear at a Christmas party. You can choose from colors such as white, red, navy blue for these events.

Here are some suggestions for formal Christmas party outfit from teeshirt21.com. What do you think about these recommendations?

What to wear at a Christmas party? (Part 2)

In the previous article of What to wear at a Christmas party, we gave you 5 recommendations for formal events. So, you may think, what about our Christmas party at my friend’s or my family’s? To help you with your concern, in this article, we continue with 5 casual Christmas outfit ideas. Keep reading to find out the interesting things!

  1. Sweatshirt Sweatshirt are indispensable items in the Christmas season. Sweatshirt not only keep you warm but also a convenient outfit for the parties at your friend's. A funny Christmas Sweatshirt, a pair of jeans, and leather boots will make you the coolest at the party. If you are wondering which sweatshirt to buy, check out these custom designed sweatshirts at teeshirt21.

You love this design? Buy it here!

  1. Hoodie Like sweatshirts, hoodies are very common items in anyone’s closet. This item can be perfect streetwear clothe and party outfits at the same time! You can mix your hoodie with skirts or jeans and a pair of sneakers to create an outfit for an active lady!

If you like this Christmas cat t-shirt, click here to buy one.

  1. Denim The next one in the list of what to wear at a Christmas party is denim items. Though denim clothes are very common, you can still make some interesting mix and match, for example, a denim jacket with camisole and pants; jeans with a sweater and boots, or denim-on-denim.

  2. Leather items If you want a bold outfit for your Christmas party, a leather jacket is a perfect choice. A leather jacket can mix with any fashion item to make a cool outfit. From camisole dress, cocktail dress, shorts, t-shirts to skirts, there’s nothing that can challenge a leather jacket.

Besides leather jackets, leather skirts are also a cool item. An outfit with a t-shirt, leather jacket, and leather boots will let you rock on at the party!

  1. Sneakers Sneakers have been popular and used around the year, not only Christmas. Therefore, sneakers are extremely interesting fashion icons for a Christmas party outfit. There’s no limit to mix and match with a sneaker. They can be matched with dresses, skirts, tops, and sweaters. And the most important thing is, sneakers are suitable for everyone so you won’t need to worry that they will make you look bad.

  2. T-shirt The last item to wear at a Christmas that we’d love to suggest is a t-shirt. You may think that t-shirt is too casual, however, casual doesn’t mean boring. With some interesting accessories, a pair of boots, and a fanny pack, your t-shirt will be no longer simple. Here is some funny Christmas t-shirt that will bring the holiday atmosphere right to the party.

What do you think about these creative Christmas t-shirts? Are they so cool that you want to buy them right away? Buy them here!

We have recommended 11 fashion icons to wear at a Christmas party from teeshirt21.com, from formal to casual style. How about you? What will you wear for your Christmas party? Don’t be shy to share with us!

Top 7 Christmas gift for your newly-wed husband and wife

Christmas is the time for giving and receiving. If you are a newly-wed who is wondering what to present your partner to celebrate your first Christmas together, you should not miss this article. Here are some suggestions for Christmas gifts for newlyweds you may need!

  1. Gloves

A pair of gloves is a must for everyone in the winter, hence, gloves are not a bad Christmas gift idea for your partner at all. This present is a love message that you send to your newlywed husband or wife, which means “I will always keep you warm”. Isn’t it so romantic? You can choose among several kinds of gloves, such as leather gloves, woolen gloves, etc to match his or her interest. Also, you can buy 2 pairs of couple gloves. It would be an interesting but elegant present.

  1. Blanket

How about a fur blanket? A fur blanket will be perfect for you and your loved one snuggling each other on the sofa, watching a funny Christmas movie while sipping hot cocoa. So chilling, isn’t it? After Christmas, you can still use this fur blanket for camping trips and traveling. It would be no exaggeration to say that this blanket will follow you everywhere and become the witness of your love.

  1. Books

Books are the perfect gift for all of the ceremonies and events. However, you must know your partner well enough to understand his or her taste of books. We recommend some books for newlywed couples: • First year of marriage by Marcus and Ashley Kusi • Things I Wish I’d Known Before We Got Married by Gary Chapman • The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman • Boundaries in Marriage by Dr. Henry Cloud • Love & Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs

  1. Couple coffee mugs

For a newly married couple who loves drinking tea or coffee in the morning, this will be a very meaningful Christmas gift that you can give to your newlywed. Waking up, you have a cup of coffee with your partner, making breakfast, and giving each other sweet words. When one of you is not at home, this mug will remind each person of the other. This cup will not only a newlywed Christmas gift but also a memorable thing that you want to keep it with you. Check out: https://bit.ly/34uZsun

  1. Sweater

Like gloves, a sweater is a gift that helps you keep warm your partner. By choosing a nice sweater with a Christmas pattern, you can bring Christmas joy to your newlywed and create a cozy atmosphere. Moreover, sweaters can be a perfect outfit for family dinner. This cool hoodie from teeshirt21 is an interesting idea for you.

  1. Couple t-shirt

Couple t-shirts are a sweet Christmas gift idea for newlyweds that you should really consider this Christmas holiday. The first time of anything is unforgettable, so is your first Christmas together. It would be perfect if you two wearing this t-shirt outside and participate in social events. After Christmas, these couple of t-shirts can be kept as a memorable gift!

  1. Stockings

The last Christmas gift idea for a new married couple is stockings. Stocking is an item coming along with Christmas, so giving your partner a new pair of stockings not only shows that you care about them but also gives a Christmas atmosphere to your beloved home.

Here are some recommendations for your newlywed Christmas gift. Don’t be shy to share what you think about our idea and don’t forget to check out https://teeshirt21.com/ for more present ideas for your loved ones!

What to wear for Trump supporters? What do you think about the first presidential debate between Trump and Biden? If you are a Trump supporter who has no idea what to wear to join his campaign, this post will give you some recommendations. Get ready for some fashion advice!

  1. Trump Merica t-shirt Here we are! There is nothing that can show your pride better than Trump with the American flag. This pro-Trump shirt will make you an outstanding supporter among others.

  2. Yes, I’m a Trump girl t-shirt What happens if you are a woman who supports Trump? You will be super cool! This design was made for a female Trump voter who loves his decisiveness. Haters gonna hate, no matter who you are, don’t be ashamed of being a Trump girl.

  3. Trump 2020 fuck your feelings tank top It’s too hot to put on a t-shirt? Or you simply want to show your sexy muscles? Here is a recommendation. “Trump 2020 fuck your feeling” tank top not only a fashionable Trump supporter costume but also help you to show your attitude to anti-Trump that you don’t give a shit what they think.

  4. 45 squared American Donald Trump 2020 cap Don’t be shy to combine many Trump products. You can put on Trump Merica t-shirt and Trump 2020 cap to create an awesome outfit to show everyone that you are a strong supporter of Trump. This cap is a basic item but it contains an interesting message. Trump is the 45th President of the United States, so 45 squared means he will be the next US president. Simple, but cool.

  5. Keep America Great Tote bag Not limited to clothes and cap, you can show your support through a tote bag, a very common fashion item. “Keep America Great” is Trump’s new slogan for the 2020 Presidential election campaign. Buy putting on this bag, you are sending a message that you totally vote for Trump.

  6. Make America great again iPhone X phone case Basic but effective is what we talk about this product. A phone is a thing that you bring with everywhere, and people around you will take notice and know that you are a Trump supporter without your saying a word.

  7. Trump Pendant necklace Some accessories will be perfect for your outfit. A pendant is a unique design that you may hardly find anywhere else. Put on a Trump t-shirt, a Trump cap, and a Trump necklace while handing a smartphone with Trump phone case, no one can leave their eyes off you!

What do you think about our recommendations? Do these pro-Trump t-shirt and accessories give you any idea of what to wear to join Trump’s campaign and show your love to him? Don’t be shy to share with us right now.

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