My Eureka moment!!!!

I really don't know how this thing works!!!

I've got 59 views on one of my posts but how do I find out whose seen it???

Anyways I just realised that the law of attraction, the power of positive thinking all these manifestation videos on youtube...they all talk about the same thing – concentrate your thoughts on one thing that you really really want!!

And how do people/ how did people in the past achieve that?


It was through prayer!. They were manifesting through praying without even realising that they're manifesting.

As a kid I used to religiously pray everyday cause otherwise my mom would come and scold me and Id get a good beating too.

As soon as I moved to uni, there were no more rules, no mommy coming with a stick to beat you if you don't shower on time or pray on time. So basically even though I would have a Ganesh idol and a Devi idol I would say silent prayers but that would sometimes be scattered out on random days you know. And now its like I pray when I'm in trouble or when I've got a major problem in my life. So I realised I don't get things easily as I used to when I was younger cause I'm not praying enough.

And don't get me wrong, praying is not a substitute for working hard but it certainly is an important ingredient in the “magic potion” in life!!!!

So people start praying!!!! Pray to god or pray to a higher energy, just pray and focus your thoughts and do it everyday and be grateful as well, genuinely!

Im gonna start today. Hope things are gonna be better now!!

PS: If someone could help just let me know how to use this app that'd be great too!!!