The Anonymous Adoptee About

Who is the Anonymous Adoptee anyway? If you have found this content, I assume you're an adoptee whose searching either in secret or is currently keeping your dissatisfaction with life a secret because you, as an adoptee, probably feel like you can't talk to those closest to you for fear that the inquiries into where you came from will be misinterpreted. The likelihood that someone gets offended is all but a guarantee. If that's the case, then you are the Anonymous Adoptee.

My name (or at least the one you will come to know me by) is Aria Solena. I've made this blog intending to create a place for adoptees to connect and share our experiences without fear of being judged. Also, a space free of outside influences like adoptive and birth parents can make working through these things even more difficult by adding shame and guilt to the equation where none needs to be.

I'm an adoptee who's half-black with white parents. I grew up in the deeply conservative state of Ohio, with a Republican Super Majority, seeing as both the State House and State Senate of Ohio are run by Republicans. Take it from me when I say I know what you're going through. Even if you found this by accident, and it just so happens that you're an adoptee who has dealt/is dealing with their adoption loss, you can still help someone else who is coping with their adoption loss and grief. Whether through support groups or simply listening, your empathy can make a difference.

In the long term, I hope to fill this blog with personal stories, support groups, discussion boards, political action plans, and resources for those who are dealing with anxiety, depression, and anger; along with book recommendations and resources for your adoptive parents to help them understand who you are and why knowing where you come from is a natural human desire, shouldn't be taken offense to, and why it's healthy for you to help form an identity, sense of self, and find out where it is that you belong.

I know you have been a nomad, wandering from place to place, searching for answers no one wants to give you, and then blaming yourself when you ultimately come up short. That stops with this blog. In the meantime, check out The Anonymous Adoptee (well, what's there) and any article or essay under the pen name “Aria Solena,” and stay tuned. I can't wait to see where this blog takes us.