2nd asked me last night to go get food with him today, I agreed. We realized the place didnt do dine in right now.

I was trying to use it as an excuse to get a haircut afterwards, because I'm too lazy to go normally.

But I sucked it up and went.

I pretty much hung around the rest of the day.

Sitting in a call with 2nd now, and an other. Not sure about this one, she reminds me of my sister too much, and she has the same name as her. Although she has some parts I like.

New cord finally came tonight, took some fiddling to get it to work.

Discovered that my pc case gets in the way of the outputs on the graphics card so that might take some more fixing.

Work went fairly normal, kind of a light day.

One of the store managers thought a part went missing, but he found out he ordered it incorrectly.

I tried to play a game with 1st and 6th, but the servers went down.

Talking to an other in a discord call, she's kinda strange. but cool

I have to take a quiz in a bit, lets just say fuck lockdown browser.

Nothing much for today, did some school work. Ate lunch, did more school work.

Played some games, gonna watch a new show.

I go to work tomorrow so I'll almost definitely have some stuff to talk about.

Actually hold up, my o key has been messing up, so if there are any typos of a missing o, that's why.

Anyways later.


Decided to join that call, played some games, split up into smaller groups played some more with 7th.

People started to rejoin, and 7th had to go, so I left.

Talked to 1st a little, sixth as well— He was talking about the dryers at his college or something. Could probably sum it up in the words “dumb kids”

I'll probably just sit around for the rest of the night.

If anything else happens guess I'll post then.


New episode of a show second and I watch comes out today, almost forgot. Have some work to do before I should watch it.

Work is done for today, gonna check if the episode has come out yet.

No episode so far, ordered the wrong cord apparently, ordered the correct one this time.

Played with Seventh again today, this time with a different other one.

Playing space engineers to pass the time until episode comes out.

The episode has appeared— It was crazy as always

There's a call going on with everyone but 2nd and 4th, and a number of others. I'd like to join but I don't feel like dealing with the noise.

Thats it for now, might have more in a few hours.


Played some games with 7th and an other, this one may have to get a number (9?) if he comes up more, but I normally don't like him much.

7th left, played quite a bit longer with the other. Good time, not too annoying this time. Its nearly 2am should go pass out soon.

I think 4th joined the call at some point, he was muted so didnt notice.


This is more for my own memory's sake, read it if you like.

I'll be referring to myself as the Third or just Third, in the third person as well sometimes I suppose, in this. I think it sounds cool. I gave the people coming up most often an arbitrary number, for privacy, kinda based on likeliness to come up. With that out of the way.

I haven't spoken to first in a few days now, just coincidence really. I believe first, and fifth were at 4th's house tonight. They invited me to come. There were probably others as well.

2nd also keeps asking me to come over, or to come over to my place. I refuse.

Played a game with 2nd and 7th today, didn't go well. Wanted to play more. they left

I've been avoiding 1st's server, too many others, especially ones I dislike.

2nd playing valorant with others tonight. Still feel like thats some kinda spyware even if it probably isn't.

I should just finish this show and go to bed, I won't though.

That's all I can think of for recent history and today, see you tomorrow.