Convenience was the key here, dude.

Going to college on an athletic scholarship was both a blessing and a curse for a few reasons. One of the blessings was that I had a group of pseudo friends already curated for me. I just had to figure out which of my 24 teammates were actually individuals I could tolerate in a social setting and who were worth the extra steps to avoid on campus. I would be spending too much of my time around these girls come spring, so it became a priority within the first semester to hash out who I only had to be civil with and who I could go out with on the weekends or ask to make a Lawrence run with. I did my best to stick with the same group of friends for those four years cause lets be honest, new people are exhausting and I didn't have the energy to try and make a whole load of new friends every year.

The biggest issue with these pseudo friends was that they were friends out of convenience. There was only one exception to this and she knows who she is because I actually have had this very conversation with her. I don't talk to 95% of the girls I was “best friends” with in college because we no longer live in the same apartment complex or have to spend 3+ hours together everyday covered in dirt and sweat. My love language is quality time and it is very hard to spend quality time with someone who lives far away or lives in a boring as fuck town and can only be fun after consuming alcohol.

I am sure most of them have realized this about me by now based on the fact the majority of my friends now did not go to Baker. Ironically, the majority of the people I would consider to be my close set of friends came from being around one of my teammate's family all the time. Friendships formed at small colleges like Baker remind me of high school relationships, they only work because they are convenient with few exceptions.