Dread pt. 0


Party to aid the Blackwood Estate in the successful and safe recovery of one Adlana Winters. Female elf approximately 567 years old, short silver hair, pale blue eyes, dull white skin, drooping ears, sour disposition, and gimpy right foot.

Adlana is a resident of the Blackwood Retirement Village who suffers from memory loss and hallucinations. Caretakers believe she slipped out of her living quarters a day ago and have not been able to locate her on the Estate’s grounds. Mrs. Winters’ family believes she may try to make her way to the Autumn Hill silver mine. Mrs. Winters is not believed to be a danger to others. The Lady Ambermane of house Blackwood, offers a reward of one boon, no questions asked, to the party who is able to safely return Mrs. Winters to her residents. …

“How does the flyer sound, Lady Ambermane?”

“Perfectly short and lacking all the unnecessary details, Johannes,” Lady Ambermane said adjusting her ivory necklace in a mirror. “Have the scribes make copies for each tavern in the area around Autumn Hill, unsavory or other wise, and have them delivered.”

“Of course, my lady,” Johannes said bowing and then rolling up the flyer. His large, halfling footfalls echoed against the stone walls as he trotted south towards the library.

Lady Ambermane made her way to her personal study and pulled her robe snug against her slender, elven frame. Inside of her study, Lady Ambermane selected a registry from a drawer in the oak desk. She flipped to a marked page and was met with the piercing glare of Adlana Winters and ‘Overdue for processing’ stamped in red under her image. It was such a shame to see a once beautiful elven woman fall into such despair, but she knew the consequences of leaving after agreeing to her fate, everyone knew the consequences. Lady Ambermane sighed and closed the registry as an aggressive knock pounded against the door.

“It is open,” Lady Ambermane called as she slid the registry back into its place and pushed the drawer closed. A silver haired elven man barged through the door clad in scribe robes. His bright blue eyes fixed on Lady Ambermane with rage.

“You’re sending mercenaries after my great aunt Adlana?” he yelled stomping down his foot. “She’s already afflicted by the deserters curse…”

“The mines are dangerous as your family is well aware,” Lady Ambermane sighed folding her delicate hands together. “It wouldn’t be right knowingly sending my own workers, unless you’re willing to volunteer.”

Carberos froze and looked down at his feet. The mines are a place enemies of the Blackwood family are sent and never heard from again. So, no, he wasn’t going to volunteer.