to write or not to write

The Blanket is a blog to talk about my thoughts on religion, philosophy and life. The religious root of my life is islamic and so the lens I wear is coloured by this. I'm really here to unpick the knots that the journey of life seems to bind many of us in. How do I face life and how does the truth of what I know or have been told square up to what I am experiencing and seeing? How do you move forward with the weight of trying to find truth?

There are so many systems of thinking and ways of approaching the world. The fact that we can move forward with any confidence and without sorting through the tangled morass of thoughts is in my estimation a miracle. It seems to mean blocking out some noise over others, and holding a confidence in the notion that what you believe in or hold close is true. Any challenge of that is swiftly shut down because your whole identity is linked to it. And that is not a bad thing either, for opening that door is opening the door to facing and having to fight demons. Some will see the demons and close the door. Others will venture out onto the doorstep and defend from there. Others venture off into the mists of the dark forest with no knowledge of what is on the other side and no understanding of the monsters lurking. The chances of getting lost, getting defeated or walking in circles are very high. I wouldn't recommend it, but at the same time, some of us are walking in circles and are looking for the tangent to veer off into.

To write or not to write? For the longest time I have been careful and told myself not to. Do not put your thoughts out there. Further, who are you to think your thoughts are valuable enough to share? There is also a concern about internet privacy. I still hold all of these concerns. And yet, maybe this is the tangent.