an introduction


Welcome to this 6-part series sharing how I self-published my debut book, The Indie Author.

Part 1: “a little journey”

Part 2: “adding front and back matter”

Part 3: “formatting”

Part 4: “platforms and pricing”

Part 5: “Amazon keywords + categories research”

Part 6: “How I prepared for my book launch”

Anyone, yes anyone, can write a book on Microsoft Word (or similar software), and turn that document into a fully-fledged book.

I break down the steps I took to get my book out into the world, and why I made the choices that I made.

I hope you find it helpful in some way.

Your story is waiting to be written. Perhaps this might help you realise that the steps you need to take aren’t as complicated as you might’ve thought.

If you choose to do it, writing a book will be one of the most meaningful projects you undertake.

I really hope you’ll give it some serious thought.

Enjoy the guide!