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   Written in 2019 by Matthew Thompson

   To the extent possible under law, the author(s) have dedicated all 
   copyright and related and neighboring rights to this software to the 
   public domain worldwide. This software is distributed without any 

   You should have received a copy of the CC0 Public Domain Dedication 
   along with this software. If not, see 

@import url('https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Shadows+Into+Light&display=swap');

body {
background-color: whitesmoke;
color: #333;
content: "";
position: absolute;
z-index: -1;
background-image: url(https://i.snap.as/TYpEuUf.png);
body {    font-family: 'Open Sans', 'Segoe UI', Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif;}

#wrapper {
background-color: white;
padding-top: 10px;
margin-top: 0;
#subpage #wrapper h1 {
font-family: Hack,consolas,Menlo-Regular,Menlo,Monaco,'ubuntu mono',monospace,monospace;
font-size: 1.5rem !important;
letter-spacing: 0.3rem !important;
font-weight: bold;
color: #666;

#subpage #wrapper h1::before {  content: '#';}

nav {
border-bottom: 2px solid darkgray;
box-shadow: 0px 1px #eee;

a.hashtag {
text-transform: uppercase;
color: #333;
a.hashtag:hover {
color: #111;
text-decoration: none;
border: 1px solid #333;

a.hashtag {
background-color: transparent;
border-radius: 3px;
border: 1px solid #fff;
padding-left: 0.3em;
padding-right: 0.3em;margin-right: 5px;

article {
border-top: 5px solid lightgrey;
padding-top: 10px;
article:nth-child(1) {  border-top: none;}

#paging {border-bottom:none;}

#collection article,#post article,#subpage #wrapper h1,#subpage article,#wrapper {
max-width: 860px !important;

.h-entry h2 {
font-family: 'Open Sans', 'Segoe UI', Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif;
font-weight: bold;

.dt-published, a.read-more {
font-family: 'Open Sans', 'Segoe UI', Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif;
font-size: 0.8rem !important;
letter-spacing: 0.2rem;
font-weight: normal;
text-transform: uppercase;
line-height: 2.5;

.book p:nth-child(2) {
padding-top: .5em;
border-top: 1px solid #ccc;

#wrapper .large, #post-body .large {
display: block;
max-width: 150%;
height: auto;
/* Centers an image by (1) pushing its left edge to the
center of its container and (2) shifting the entire image
in the opposite direction by half its own width.
Works for images that are larger than their containers. */
position: relative;
left: 50%;
transform: translateX(-50%);

#blog-title a {
background-image: url(https://i.snap.as/pkADEdD.jpg);
background-position: center;
background-repeat: no-repeat;
border-radius: 50%;
color: rgba(0,0,0,0);
display: inline-block;
width: 300px;
height: 300px;
background-size: 500px;
#post #blog-title a, #subpage #blog-title a {
/* Change size of logo on post and tags pages */
width: 100px;
height: 100px;
background-size: 250px;
p.description {font-family: 'Shadows Into Light', cursive;
font-size: 3.1em!important;

.logo {
width: 24px;
height: 24px;
.pinned {
font-size: 1.25em;
color: rgba(255, 99, 71, 0.5);
.pinned:hover {
color: rgba(255, 99, 71, 1);
text-decoration: none;

.read-more {
color: tomato!important;
float: right;
padding-right: 1em;
.read-more::before {  content: 'ยป ';}

.p-summary p {
font-size: 1.1rem;
line-height: 1.6 !important;

.e-content p {  line-height: 1.7 !important;}

.center {    text-align: center;}

.custom-nav {
text-align: center;
text-transform: uppercase;
font-family: 'Open Sans', 'Segoe UI', Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif;
color: #333;
.custom-nav a:link, .custom-nav a:visited, .custom-nav a:hover, .custom-nav a:active {
color: tomato;
.custom-nav a:hover, .custom-nav a:active {
text-decoration: underline;

footer {display: none;}


var topP = document.createElement("p");
//topP.style.textAlign = "center";
topP.innerHTML = '<hr><div class="custom-nav"><a href="https://social.com/@you">Social</a> :: <a href="https://snap.as/">Images</a> :: <a href="#">Back to Top</a></div>';
var cont = document.getElementById("wrapper");
if (cont !== null) {
// Add to blog index and tag pages
} else {
// Add to individual blog post page
cont = document.getElementById("post-body");
cont.insertAdjacentHTML("afterend", topP.outerHTML);