Get Into It

My middle son and I had a nighttime routine for a summer where we'd sit up and watch Man vs. Wild videos until he (many times both of us) fell asleep. They were great, special times, but one of the things that has stuck with me is a phrase Bear Grylls would say often. He'd find himself in a sketchy situation, devise a rough idea of a plan to get out of it, and after explaining it to the camera he'd say “OK let's just get into this.” That little phrase indicated the moment when he decided that he had thought through the plan enough, and the rest would have to be figured out while he was actually executing the plan. There's a humble self-confidence in one's abilities in there, too, and the understanding that action, doing something, was the point. Not reckless or rushed, but not stagnant either.

Sometimes planning can be another way to hide.