Think on These Things

Philippians 4:8 - AV 1769

I was raised in and around Churchianity. That is not a typo. Churchianity is NOT Christianity but I thought it was for an ashamedly long time. I was confused for most of my life and God is still revealing things to me as I reflect.
 My parents are professing Christians, strongly non denominational. My maternal grandparents were professing Christians. My maternal great grand parents were professing Christians, Methodists. I know very little about my father’s side of the family but in passing he has made mention of a staunch Baptist aunt of his, my namesake.
 I attended Sunday Schools, Summer holiday groups, Youth Clubs run by Christians. I played the drums in the music group, I helped out in the local M.A.Y.C. I grew up going to Baptist, Methodist, Anglican (Anglo Catholic), Roman Catholic, Fellowships, Nondenominational and ecumenical Babel buildings that is what they are if you research Christianity taking over Pagan sites of worship to Christianise’ it and adopting Pagan rituals and traditions. I was baptised by sprinkling in the local parish church at age 12, Church of England. I loved singing contemporary worship songs and some older hymns but hated hearing the organ. I highlighted the Ten Commandments in my bibles but rarely read them. I cycled through modern perversions, I was gifted the Good News Translation as an infant and later used a New International Version, with a pretty purple and floppy cover, aimed at teens. I did not pick up an Authorised Version 1611/1769 untill I was 29. The only reason for purchasing it then was not because I was convicted by the Holy Ghost but to make it easier for myself following along with the online streamed services from a Baptist Babel building in a city 200 miles away, I had been using an English Standard Version Reader and things were phrased so differently to their King James it was frustrating to understand and make progress in any independent study. I was a regular listener to Spurgeon’s Metropolitan Tabernacle for almost four years – the longest I have spent in one place of worship.

In late 2009 around my 24th birthday out of nowhere it seemed and after years of non attendance or interest it got into my superficial head that to be the Christian I wanted others to think of me as I had to join the Roman Catholic church. I did not think I could become a Nun due to my lack of higher education and the practicality of me living away from home but I wanted to get as close as I could to the ifestyle that had bewitched me in my childhood, stories of Queen Katherine of Aragon, Claire of Assisi, Therese of Avila, Deborah Kerr’s Nun’s and Hayley Mill’s The Trouble with Angels. No one, to my knowledge, on rather side of the family claimed to be anything other than Protestant. My parents were mentally against it but openly supported me going to RCIA classes and services. I was, supposedly, confirmed at the 2010 Easter Vigil in the next town. I thank my Lord Jesus Christ, my God, my Saviour, my Redeemer that he showed me in time that my confirmation was not official due to notable steps such as first confession having been missed out. The RCIA classes did not serve their purpose in teaching the four of us due to be Confirmed in the Catechism. Instead they were an uncomfortable set of hours listening to two individuals showing off their intellects on subjects above my head to a room mostly full of cradle Catholics acting as sponsors or just another social evening. The Father was hardly older than me and was ineffectual at properly moderating the meetings. I loved boasting that I was Catholic, wearing veils and my private Marian devotions, superstitions made me feel more active in a relationship but the Mass was always intimidating. My attendance dropped off after two years and I swung 180° in 2015 to Calvinism and Puritanism aka Catholicism by another name which the Lord Jesus Christ has recently loosed me from after five heavy years. 

Now I am just a simple Authorised Version Bible believer. I am in the Body of Christ therefore I am never out of Church. You can call me a Christian if you see evident fruits of a changed life but you will not hear boasting of labels or works from my lips anymore. 
 I have spent 35 years of my life deceiving snd being deceived. If my Lord wills me to live for another 35 years I will live them for Him with the Authorised Version 1611/1769 as my authority and standard pleading with anyone who will listen to get out of Organised Religion, to get out of Babel buildings, to truly be convicted of their sin, repent and trust the Authorised Version 100% and every professing religious teaching man 0%

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