A status page for myself

I made a status page for myself this morning. The status page indicates whether I'm currently online, as in receiving all my regular phone notifications, or offline, as in taking a break from paying attention to all that. I came up with this plan a month or so ago, and the status page is the last step.

I got a flip phone and a pay-by-the-minute SIM card. I activated the SIM card and then used weird USSD codes to forward calls from my smartphone to the flip phone if the smartphone is unreachable. This means that I can turn off my smartphone (or put it in airplane mode), but still receive calls from it in case there's an emergency.

When I want to go offline, I just put my phone on airplane mode, and open my laptop and run $ go-offline to set the status page. When I go back online, I turn my phone back on and run $ go-online on my laptop. The repository is here but there's barely anything to it.

So why a status page? Why not just turn my phone off sometimes? Why not just work on self control?

I think the main reason is permission. I needed to implement a system in order to give myself permission to disconnect. I feel very guilty when I make myself totally unreachable. Also, If I just turned off my phone, I'm sure that after 12 hours (likely less) someone in my life would become worried and reach out to a friend who lives physically close to me.

Now though, people in my life can check my status page for myself if their messages aren't getting delivered, and the whole situation is less concerning.

I'm offline for the first time right now, and it feels great.