Thoughts now supports no-configuration deployment on GitHub Pages

Earlier this year, I got tired of doom-scrolling and made an asocial DIY terminal-twitter for myself. It's called Thoughts and I use it every day. Here's what the default configuration looks like.

Today I realized that it would be super easy to add support for no-configuration deployment on GitHub Pages, so I did that! If you've already been using Thoughts, just run thoughts update to pull down this new feature (and much better default CSS, if you're interested).

To deploy to GitHub Pages, simply enable GitHub Pages for your personal thoughts repo, and then post a new thought (GitHub Pages seem not to go live until a commit has been pushed after enabling Pages).

I'm really excited about this change, because it makes it easier for more people to have their own quiet place on the internet to post their thoughts.

Be well <3

Note: while working on this feature, I also fixed a bug that made thoughts update behave very poorly on MacOS — so sorry about that! It should be better now, but you may have to run thoughts update twice in order to see the fix