Get your hashtags

I don't know whether there is a simpler way to get all your hashtags you used in your blog. They are present in the content of course, but also as a link that gets all the instances of the hashtag like:*. So instead of looking to all the tags in your content, you could search for these tag-links on the blog. I found a way to get the total sitemap with 'wget'.

wget --spider --recursive --no-verbose --output-file=wgetlog.txt
sed -n "s@.\+ URL:\([^ ]\+\) .\+@\1@p" wgetlog.txt | sed "s@&@\&@" > sedlog.txt

With mistynotes you will get:


You could filter out the tags with another operation like
grep ^.*tag:.*$ sedlog.txt > greplog.txt But it is easy enough to select the tags, copy them and place them in links, like:

<a href="">browser</a> 
<a href="">hacks</a> 
<a href="">static</a> 
<a href="">website</a> 

And you can format this in a list or whatever you like.