Tired Teacher

This blog is dedicated to my daily life as a teacher.

Pick me Girl... I am not an unreasonable person. I was taught to work hard, be respectful and above all else be kind. Its a shame that people cannot be the same way to me. Teachers suck. Growing up I loved some of my teachers. Now, after becoming one, I do not know how some of these people were ever accepted into adulthood.

My biggest grievance is with a lady in 40s, biggest pick me girl I ever met. This 'lady' happens to be petite in stature. Me being of sane mind and body happens to be in a conversation with two other adults. Also normal sized people. THIS woman walks up behind me and utters in the most babyish of voices “ohh, excuse me. I'm so mall I need the giants to move aside. I cant get passed” Oh my days!! We were in the middle of a hallway so large a mother-sized elephant could preform circus tricks around us. You telling me this bitch could mot walk around us? I was utterly and truly mystified that this cringefied being was old enough to be my mother. Shock and Second hand Embarrassment caused me to side-eye my friend to see her reaction and like me she was gob smacked. Mind you this woman holds a high and prominent position in our school hierarchy. My teacher-friend simply was rendered speechless. Our third member of the group was initially unphased by this lady/girl. As the youngest one there I then step aside and she giggles and walks past me. As soon she leaves. Our unphased co-worker then begins with.... “Dude, WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK????” This was followed with the loudest and most obnoxious snort from myself and full on belly shaking and guttural laugh from all 3 of us.

#Dailylifeofateacher Sincerely... Tired Teacher

Hi, I work at a High School. People within my work environment suck in a number of ways. They are all 30+ years old but act like the very teenagers they complain about. Beside being rude they are cunning gossipers who stick their noses up at you- that's just the insufferable males- females are more skilled in their shitness towards others. My succubus of a co-worker seems to make it her personal mission in life to piss me off.

Sincerely... Tired Teacher