tmo snapping

rekindling a penchant for photography

A couple of snaps from these life and times...

Of course I had to share this one here. This is the best photograph I have taken since “rekindling my penchant for photography”, and it is from the corner of the parking lot here at my apartment complex. Very pretty.

One I snapped just now. Just my overhead view of where I am currently sitting. With coffee. And the fresh air circulating on a late-Spring evening.

More to come soon. Thanks!

Some snaps, from my world, and across the West...

This is an in-hotel coffee setup. It is from the Quality Inn in North Dakota, I believe. I do not remember. It was a long trip. In fact, I am sure of it now, because there was no coffee setup at the Quality Inn in Kalispell, Montana.

I drank all the coffee on offer that day. Including the decaf.

Enjoy your day

Some sweet snaps for this Wednesday. Have some sugar, sugar ;)

Skittles. Wild Berry. Straight from the dysfunctional vending machine in the laundromat at my apartment complex. This is the second time I have had this type of Skittles (usually just getting the original, which is at every corner store and gas station). But, they should replace original Skittles with these – wholesale. These are delicious. A lot of sugar, though. Sends me through the roof!

Dr Pepper. Non-diet. Life is short, you only live once, so I take what I can get from the soda machine in the same said laundromat. I wish it was diet, but I am not complaining.

That wraps up today's photos. Something sweet to carry me through the afternoon :P

More snaps soon

My world, my snaps, here are some some from recent days...

A quick smoke break before sunrise outside of a Quality Inn in a bumfuck town in North Dakota. The coffee was via the lobby (free, bold, tasty – from what I remember), and the cig was a Marlboro Red that I had spoiled myself with from a Sinclair gas station in town. Many photos from this “excursion” will likely not be shared (here or anywhere), because there are too many that are too varied and obscure to say a lot about.

The gear for the “excursion” that I was on. A 33 Liter backpack with everything I needed (for the most part) for a Western United States Amtrak tour which was supposed to be brief and relatively non-eventful, and just deliver me to my location in a day and a half. The entirety of the travel time totaled eight days and I never made it to the destination, and began a long/arduous journey back to STL starting from White Fish, Montana, outside of Glacier National Park. Crazy times.

More, different, random, recent snaps coming soon. Thanks for checking it out :)

Snaps from this edge of the world. Today's are:

A single photo. A view (sorta) out the sliding glass door of my fleabag apartment. It overlooks a courtyard, but that is not seen in the photograph. What is seen, is the brick wall adjacent to my balcony, which is the next building over. Also pictured: the resin-stained blinds that cover the sliding glass door. That is my fault – I smoke a lot, which I hope to change. And to the furthest edge of the photo, the WELCOME banner which I ordered from Yellow Beak Press, which has been photographed on/for this blog before.

That does it for the day's photo. Maybe I'll come around to doing two a day (again) in the future, but for now (like yesterday) just the one.


Snaps (or, a single snap) from recent days. Here it is:

Petals. Blossoms. Sproutlings. From outside of The Workout Co in Oakville Plaza in Oakville, Missouri (junk town). These gathered up at the bottom of a staircase, stemming from the nearby trees across the parking lot at Southfield Apartments.

That's all for this day. More another time.

Another day, a couple more snaps. Here are today's...

Washing machine. And a clothing cart in front of it. As well as a hat above (wet, not mine).

Dryer timer. 8 minutes left on it. Fetched clothes at 5 mins. Card-operated.

that's all for today

More snaps from my world. This time, hiking trails...

The entrance/exit to the trail I did today. ½ a mile.

The entrance/exit to the trail I could have done today (which would have been longer – 2 miles).

Was a good walk with good weather. Happy.

Snaps from this edge of the universe. A couple from today...

MacBook Air (MBA). Early-2020 model, 10th Gen Intel i3 (no M1), the good keyboard, 256 SSD, 8GB RAM, and now it has been wiped down so it is no longer “gunked up” on the back. Looks new.

A photo of photos. From around STL when I lived in Midtown in 2014/15. Some are from Pevely, Missouri, and Oakville, Missouri – but most are from the city. Nice shots. Hanging on my wall.

That's all for today.

back soon

Snaps from my world – here are today's...

MX Keys keyboard (Mac/Linux/Windows). I am selling it on CL currently. I need $$ for stuff, and I no longer use this device. Works perfect. Love(d) it.

Rainy courtyard. It poured cats and dogs today. Huge puddles everywhere. This is in front of my apartment. Nice to witness from the balcony.

That does it for today. More another day.