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I appreciate the e-mail. Turns out the A to the Q I had was posted in the D.w.a forum some time ago, and I just had to find it, haha. But what was happening was, I wasn't using cd to get to where I needed to be before issuing the command.

So, that's what happened.

Now that I am deep into the WF config section in the terminal, I have everything squared away OK except it is not connecting to the MySQL database, and I am reading the error logs (which seems to be a hobby of mine these days), and it has something to do with port 3306 (apparently that is the default MySQL port). Every other piece of info and configuration in the process is A-OK (I am pretty sure), but it just will not connect with MySQL.

So, as of now, I have gone blind on StackOverflow, Linux help forums, Linode and MySQL FAQ, etc etc., and I am starving and exhausted, so I am going to eat, then sleep, then get this stuff done tomorrow evening.

Hope you're well. :)

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Not that I am feeling lonely (at this moment), or feel alone (overall, in the world) – but, it is “OK” to BE alone? Am I OK? I do not currently have a partner, and they have been few and far between in recent years, but should I, DO I, wish to share in the world's experiences with another soul?

Could I, and shouldn't I wish to be “on the same road”, the same path, as another person?

Maybe this is why I experience the emotion, the state, the status, of being alone? I tend to not take much issue with it. But I SHOULD to a certain extent. Right?

I suppose I can make a consorted effort to get out/do/see more in the world.

I know this will be a topic for discussion in therapy in the coming weeks.

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So, I went on through the WriteFreely install process according to a VERY helpful walk through on the boards, and I didn't think I would make it past a certain step, and then I made it past that step :)

Then I made it past another (“big”) step. And then another.

I kept being surprised at how things worked

Then, I continually get a “command not found” error. I tried sudo, nano, looked through directories, continually referenced the WF install instruction documentation (which just says “run this”, which is where the “command not found” error comes into play, lol). And also referenced (multiple times) the (again, VERY GOOD) install walk through – but, still: “command not found”.

So, that's a bummer. For now. I will revisit it soon. Good progress made this evening, though. I'm sort of juggling two text message conversations and needing to make dinner, also – so I will come back to it shortly.

More later

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It's past sundown, which means it is time to work on web dev stuffs once again. I have water heating up on the stove for a triple scoop of Taster's Choice black (more like brown, really) coffee. I always do a triple scoop of TC, because it is lacking in flavor with just two scoops. That, and it is a lighter roast, so the extra scoop is needed. I still have Folgers, and some Dollar Tree instant, and Dollar Tree grounds, but I am quite looking forward to getting the French press rig again and going that route for my coffee fix.

Anyway, I still have some (a lot of) stuff to figure out with MySQL stuff. I have no specific questions right now, but I think I will be figuring out the whole WriteFreely install tonight. That should be fun.

Off I go!

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Let's hope this works. I have a crushing headache right now, so I hope the coffee I am about to have with do the job of Tylenol (which I do not like to take), and get rid of this headache. We'll see.


I think I am not just an “old soul” (or by now probably just a quasi-old person), but someone who has “old habits”. Like, not necessarily long in the tooth type of habits (if I can do things in a better way, I will change and do them in a better way), I just have my way of doing things that rarely ever changes. New applications, or services, or trends, or this or that: whatever. I know I don't like being on camera, so I never make videos. Ever. I don't like the hassle and BS that accompanies photographing events in life, so I just do my best to remember them, instead. Clothes? The same thing, all the time. I bet for 90% of the time this Winter I wore the exact same pair of Levi's. A few t-shirts, and a couple sweaters. It works. Same can/will go for Summer clothes – a lot of the same things. I have one (half) load of clothes for any given season, and that's all.

I just, am not interested in a lot of stuff. That's how it goes, I guess.

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I've been fooling round with camera apps lately. I don't care much about photos, but I figure if I can find a camera app that allows me to “set it and forget it” on a specific filter, and I can just use that same filter on every photo I take (because consistency over creativity, in my world), then maybe a camera app would be worth it.

So, I settled on “1998 Cam” from the Google Play Store. Easy enough to use. And it costs $2.99 to purchase it ad-free (and the ads are a plenty, lemme tell ya), so, I will make the purchase and use that camera (and the 1998 filter) for photos from now on. The camera on this phone is trash to begin with, so it isn't like I am missing out on epic quality or anything.

Here's one I snapped just a bit ago...

And as mentioned in previous blog posts, I will get a proper subscription very soon. Complete with galleries and all that neat stuff :)

That's all

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I went through some bands I “followed” or “favorited” or whatever on Bandcamp(.com), and one I don't remember listening to was Lifvsleda, a Swedish (or Norwegian, cannot remember) Black Metal band, so now I am listening (on Bandcamp). Not too bad.

Sometime around noon the moms is stopping by to drop off a 'za, because she is having lunch with a friend at Crusoe's (about two blocks away from me), and said she can get a 'za to go and drop it off on her way back home. So that's nice of her.

Still didn't hear back from my brother-in-law in regards to the text I sent last night. I was texting him to see if he had MySQL experience (which I am sure he has), but I figured out the thing I needed to figure out, anyway, so help is not needed at the moment. But I still wanna catch up with him and see if he has any type of advice in regards to server-related stuff.

That's all for now. Be back soon.

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And 44F outside right now, too. I should hike. Might hike.

Just another day though, with nothing special planned.

I'll let you know how it goes

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There are two aspects to this:

1) Living within my means economically. So I can not take on debt, lust after things I cannot have, desire more than I can obtain, or participate in runaway consumerism.

2) Living within my means of time. I cannot predict, nor participate in, the future (when “it gets here”, it will be present). Nor can I relive or recreate the past. There is only Here and Now.

In regards to #1, I have been a practicing minimalist on a tight income for the better part of a decade. I accept and endorse this, and am quite happy with where I'm at.

In regards to #2, I try my best to stay in the moment. Not making too many plans for the future, nor mourning or regretting the past.

Of the two, I think the second one is much more important. For me or for anyone (but others may do as they wish). Being happy, and healthy, and fulfilled BY living in the present moment, and embracing those moments more often, I find myself much more at ease. More contemplative and relaxed. High speed (or, living at high speed) can be exciting and thrilling and fun, with the caveat is that life, itself, is the ground being covered, the road traveled, the time lost. If time is not important, then nothing is important, because time is the only valuable thing I have.

So, staying present, and within that time, is my highest priority.

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I woke up expecting it to be 4:00 AM, but it was 2:30 when I woke up, having only had about 3 ½ hours sleep. But that is OK, for now.

Was looking at artist profiles on the Ironage Tattoo website – so much talent. Definitely need to get more work done on my left forearm. That, and the “ditch” of my left arm (inner elbow). Those will be the last stand alone tattoos I get for that arm before I start the sleeving process, as the rest is already covered. The sleeve will not go all the way down to the wrist, but just to the end of (the tips) of where I currently have tattoos. The sleeving style will be a traditional Japanese “style”, but not method, because that would involve a Tabori (sp?) needle/stick/tapping method, and those artists are hard to find in St Louis, and are expensive, and it is significantly more painful that way. The artist who I want to do the sleeve is Josh “Chappy” Chapman out of Ironage (a shop I've been to many times before). The ink I already have on that arm goes to nearly my wrist, currently, but is about 1 ¼ inch shy from reaching the wrist. I think the combo of the sleeve style plus sleeve length will look good. Put a fair amount of (probably too much) thought into it. And of course, black and grey all the way, baby! :D

That's all for now

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