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Generated a new SSH key on the MBA, and added it to my Github account, which was less painful than I expected, so, hooray!

So, that was a bit of an mini accomplishment for me :)

I don't plan on doing any other dev stuffs tonight, though, because as expected, the dogs started to stir and claw and wimper and go crazy the second I started to do anything remotely productive. I swear, dogs have a sixth sense to bug the fxxx out of you when you are in the middle of important shit. It's why I can never be a dog owner ever again (they are a pain in the ass, haha).

Also, I dislike fancy furniture. Mostly because it is never intended to be used. Other than the main couch in the living room here, most furniture in this house is borderline unusable, but still simultaneously totally beautiful. Like the kitchen table and chairs: the table is normal (very narrow), and the chairs are squeeeeezed into either end of the table, so I have to sit with my legs together when sitting here, and the chairs themselves look like legit display chairs. Like the kind that are for immaculate looks only, no utility with them. They are just...awkward to sit in.

But, whatever.

Back later


Simple things on the VPS – sudo apt-get update / sudo apt-get upgrade, the same mumbo jumbo that is necessary for Linux, basically. Some know this jargon, some don't, but, whatever – it works is all I know, lol!

I mentioned the other night that I did a quick and fast “redesign” of Thanx, and I put redesign in quotations because Thanx had never officially been designed in the first place, because it is not a functioning thing as of yet. So, I suppose the “redesign” mock-up I created on is the first iterations of what I will make on Thanx in the future.

Anyway, I am seriously chomping at the bit to dig into some dev stuffs but I cannot do so this evening (I mean, I could, in a very distracted and fragmented way – which is not the way to do things), so I am more or less going to find other (smaller) things to do regarding the subject. Maybe go ahead and register an SSH key to Github? That would be a good idea (and not too difficult, I don't think).

Lemme look into it

Be back in a bit!


Been here for a few hours now. Listening to Lacy Mae (one of the dogs) whine, but that is OK.

Also, I watched The Inventor again, incredible documentary about...fraud. Haha. Crazy how crazy Elizabeth Holmes is, really.

Now, I am sitting in the silence of the living room, in the glow of the Xmas Tree, after having had iced coffee and a bowl of Presbyterian Mixture (outside), and just relaxing.

Also, an old friend of mine, Andreas has informed me that he is returning to, so peep his blog out, and say hi if you can :)

And, I see that has a December 2021 release date(!!), so that is exciting. Look forward to seeing what Matt (Baer) releases for Pro users to use soon. Fun stuff!

Tonight, I need to SSH into the VPS and update some stuff, but I don't think any genuine development activities will occur this eve (too many (dog-related) distractions). But, we'll see.

Back later


Going to the sister's house this evening to watch her dogs overnight. Ms Lacy and Ms Rosie – good dogs. Will be good to hop on (stable) WiFi and get some VPS updates on Linode going (as I will be able to SSH in at that time). IDK if any actual web development will occur while I am there, but the updates will be a good thing.

Of course I will have to watch A Christmas Story on Plex while I am there, too. And probably some other holidays movies, as well.

I am all packed up for an overnight trip (or an indefinite one, if I wanted to) with everything except the laptop, as that will be put in the backpack just before I go. The MacBook charger, the container with all pipe smoking supplies, medications, First Aid Kit, a warm change of clothes, hygiene kit, and even a backup (mini) First Aid Kit are all packed away. I'm good to go!

It's also a reminder of just how dated my backpack is. A piece of junk from Wal Mart by a co called “Ozark Trail” that is split at the seams, ragged, and worn out. I really like the Inline Equipment Radius 14 (a 14 Liter backpack) that is just sooo nice in so many ways. Runs at $160, though, so I will not get it for a few months, but eventually I want to get the thing. At one point, I was going to wait until the GoRuck Bullet 15 came back into stock on the GoRuck website, but I don't think they are going to be carrying it again in the future. Inline Equipment seems to be my second favorite backpack maker currently, though. But if I ever got into backpacking again as a hobby (which isn't likely to happen anytime soon), I would go for a 30 Liter Exped Torrent backpack, because they are 100% waterproof, and look nice and minimal.

Anyway, what I have now will have to do. No big deal.

Back later


Got some dudes outside my apartment, fresh out of the mountains of nowhere, yelling and shouting, and barking orders at one another about a hole they are digging to get underneath the building next to me, because there is a crack in the foundation.

I'd bet bullion to Bitcoin this is the first time they have done a job like this, because they keep shouting questions at one another, and their supervisor just yacks back some indecipherable bullshit about “he doesn't know”.

It's likely the same ragtag crew that gets signed on to “refurbish” the floors at these buildings, which is anything but professional.

They also have their pick-em-up truck parked damn near square in the middle of the courtyard – after having run over a cub, a Reserved Parking sign, and mangled the damp grass, and (probably) busting the sidewalk along with it.

Get 'er done pilgrim!



Made it to BP, got a small Red Bull (because why not?), and also a pack of Luckies. Needed to be extra bundled up this AM, because it is (or was) 22F. But, a nice walk nonetheless.

No other updates for now. Just a quick and fast update on the beautiful morning here.

Sidenote: seems that all of my people are either still asleep or busy this morning because I haven't gotten texts back, even though I texted them a bit ago. Usually it is early-to-rise with people in my family, but yesterday was exhausting (+ triptophan (sp?)), lol!

Back later


Made the camp-style coffee again (grounds tossed in boiling water, and then stirred, and then let settle). The only pain in making the coffee this way is scooping out the “big chunks” of grounds that float atop, and do not settle, which I do as soon as it is done being transferred to the mug from the Coleman cook pot (which is going on it's 12th year in my possession – still going strong!). I think it is one of the oldest things I own, and very useful! LOL!

Anyway, the coffee is good, and in 45 mins I will make my way to BP and fetch a few other things. And it will be a cold walk, as the temperature drop that everyone has been saying is on the way, is here. 22F right now. Brrr!

OK, heading out soon


...but certainly not for Black Friday. It's 7:30 AM, and stores are either openING, or have been open, but I've been sleeping and just woke up a half hour ago to fetch a Dr Pepper from the vending machine and have a bowl of Solani tobacco. Way to start the day!

At 9:00 I will make my way up to BP and get a pack of Lucky Strikes and a pop, but what I need is instant coffee, which I may not get until tomorrow. I figure on a Saturday morning, just after the sun rises, wouldn't be a bad time to make my way to Schnucks for coffee (and other things), so I will do so then.

Back later


That the Bitcoin crowd (the crowd that succeeded in centralizing the world's first cryptocurrency) are the same ones professing “Web3” to be the future of human technological innovation through decentralized services.

Web3 is like the creation of the Internet in these ways:

  • it's decentralized by default, but will be centralized in terms of who uses what (think Amazon/eBay/Google from the late-90s until now (2021))

  • it (Web3) has never been about a technological shift in terms of “what's good for humans”, but more about “what's good for that particular individual's pocket book”

  • it will come to pass (like “Web1” and (probably) “Web2”) as a shining example of people (who are Internet savvy – but eventually all people) screwing up a good thing.

Decentralization is good. The best part about it? It's already here! Fire up a server somewhere and make shit that helps the world, yourself, humanity. No need to follow a/the crowd and make oneself crypto-rich with the false (so very false) promise that it will (somehow?) liberate humanity.

Just my two cents (that aren't in crypto)


Made coffee and am about to fire up some “Hot Cocoa With A Kick” tobacco (my homemade blend of Maduro cigar leaf, Paladin Black Cherry, and Presbyterian Mixture). How this ended up smelling like hot cocoa in the jar (or, the tin note), I will never know. It smells just like hot cocoa, though. The “kick” comes in with the cigar leaf (which is high on nicotine). Delicious blend. Delicious coffee, too.

The den

Soon I will have a legit writer's den (in my living room) – the easy chair, and faux fireplace, and the desk (which I hope to get, and I likely will – but if not, I will buy it myself), and the speaker system flanking said desk – everything about the room screams “writing is happening here”. LOL! Will feel good to be out of the kitchen the majority of the day, as that is where the desk built-in to this apartment is located.

I believe in the philosophy of the late Art Dudley (of Stereophile and Listener Magazine) that; “the hobby (of high-end audio) should accommodate the listener – not the other way around”. And what he meant by that was, no need for sound treatments on the wall, no real need for a “dedicated” listening space, and no special “moves” be made to have good sound quality. And I feel the same way about writing, and producing “good” writing – I don't want a/the writing den to be “off somewhere else” in the apartment, and I don't want to do a bunch of stuff to make it happen – just set up my main living space with the desk, the easy chair, the laptop setup (and maybe some handwriting tools, as well?), and then I am off to the races!

I've seen people buy/rent/build “writer's cabins”, or, “writer's sheds”, but, if I had one, I would simply live in the thing, haha! There's no house full of ankle-biters, or half a zoo's worth of animals living with me, so I can just live minimally and comfortably and be good to go!

Gonna finish this coffee, this pipe, and relax. Back later.


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