Woke up early, got a few things from the store, then went to the BP and got ciggies and Swisher BLK Smooth for the corncob. Sitting here and having a Canada Dry right now with a bowl of BLK Smooth as I write this. Wasnt awful weather when I was out and about earlier today so it sort of restores my faith in the weather a little bit.

Bad news for the Amazon rainforest though, still. It is still on fire. The Earths Lungs as many people refer to it as. I referred to it as that as a kid. Its a shame what humans do this planet again and again and again, but I am not going to get myself in a damper mood by talking about that stuff. Just wish we hadnt over-burdened our Earth with natural resource consumption + tossed in the UNnatural resource consumption (fossil fuels).

Its a shame.

It happened so earl this morning, that I almost forgot that I built a landing page for just after sunrise. Glad I was able to get something accomplished today, haha.

Anyway, be back in a bit!

....but i am going to type anyway. The one thing I can say is that I am v much so looking forward to my tattoo that I am getting August 31. I am not going to have an opportunity to get this ink done with this amount of money for a good deal of time so it is now or never. Its all good.

Another thing I can say is that it is 1:48 AM and I am having a giant cup of coffee and sitting at the desk wishing more3 people would Tweet after midnight. But, its whatever.

Ill be candid, too I wish I had some more IRL friends. I have many mutual friends through other family members but no friends that are independently my own. I just havent really made any at the place I am currently living (going on the third year, now). The friends I had before were not really friends and they decided that I was too good for them or whatever when it came time for me to move to S St Louis County (as if that is some high-end shit). But not having shitty friends does not bother me at all, I want NEW/GOOD friends. Some peopleI can just shoot the shit with on a regular basis. I dont really care who they are.

But that is enough ranting about that subject. And for the record no, I do not consider Internet friends IRL friends and I am not worried about offending anyone with that statement because I dont have any of those, either.

I suppose I just get a little bit lonely sometimes and wish there were more people to talk to besides family members and my therapist. I need to be socialized again, and I am not 100% sure how to make this happen. Perhaps this is why I make so many journal (blog) entries on a daily basis because it is the only thing that is keeping me sane and the only thing that slows my thought process down enough to actually keep a grasp of what a conversation is supposed to look like? I dont know.

Anyway, be back in a bit!

I almost ditched permanently. The bickering and itching back and forth about me and other bloggers on was getting insane, and I do not like that. People can always drop me a comme...oh wait, no they cant. There are currently no comments on blogs. So this led me to create a TypePad blog (which is a bitch to blog on, dont like it), but then I realized something I can just keep writing on and just UN-LIST my blog from the directory! GOOD! I did so and now I am back to blogging on

So, anyway, now the announcement that I was leaving the platform is listed in my Top 25 Most Visited Posts or whateverthefuck, and I will have to look at it and be reminded of it every time I check the stats for here. Fucking ridiculous.

In other news I have been good. Getting a tattoo (officially, for sure) the Saturday after this Saturday (Aug 31) as a memoriam for my late-father. Gonna be pretty big, black and grey, very nice.

Nothing else new. Be back in a bit!

People seem to like to bicker on (which I visit probably once a week and read through a few blogs). I dont like sites that bicker. Id rather toss my words into a void than hear people whine back and forth. So I am going to be hosting my own blog, and I can track the stats or whatever with Simple Analytics. I am not a poet, I dont read many books, and I am not a programmer so I dont belong here.

Started cleaning the apartment tonight. The kitchen is done and dishes are being washed, and I am going to work on the bathroom in a little bit here. The rest of the apartment is spotless.

I was reading about people working full-time on iPad a little bit ago and it seems entirely possible to get all the coding stuff I wanna do/will have to do, done on iPadOS. There still seem to be a lot of barriers about what can/cannot be done on iPad when iOS is the OS, but iPadOS is changing a lot of things. So I am looking forward to using it, and only it, when it is released. Afterall, it isnt like I really have a choice. I cant afford a Mac or any other (good) laptop, so this is going to work out just fine. I hope.

I am still debating getting a dedicated WiFi hotspot for the apartment because that would eliminate (almost) my need for a phone if everything can be done via text. The only hang up (pardon the pun) is with case workers and doctors and whatnot because they always want to call and leave voicemail for this reason or that. I would love to just not have a phone at all (though, the Pixel 3a is quite nice). One of my pet peeves is redundancy, though. I cannot STAND having two things that basically do the exact same thing unless of course it is a consumable in which case double, triples, quadruples are a good thing (2+ oranges are better than one). WiFi, or a 4G LTE (or even 5G) hotspot is not free though, of course, so I will have to take into account the cost of such a device + service. But eliminating the cost of service for the phone would save me money, so it evens out (and the Pixel 3a is already paid for, so...). At the end of the day, I just hav to get over myself and keep the phone, keep tethering it like I am doing right now, and make it into a utility-only device for photos / Signal / phone calls / etc. and just leave it at that.

This is what I will do.

Got up, made coffee, got groceries, came home, ate, went to sleep. An actual food coma. LMAO! But really, it is a nice day out and I would be walking, but the humidity is 85%+ and that shit is completely intolerable. Makes no different that it is only 80-ish degrees F, the humidity makes it feel like 99+! I really hope cooler weather moves in before September when we have the OLeary Family reunion. That is gonna be cool. I just hope literally!

Tomorrow I am doing some BIG grocery shopping and then a therapy appt on Tuesday. So, busy start to the week. Probably going to the rents on Wednesday. I need to do laundry and clean up the apartment here tomorrow, too.

Anyway, be back in a bit!

Just gotta be perfectly candid on here real quick, I was bored senseless today, and there was nothing to do, so I ended up just falling asleep after what seemed like (and was) hours on Twitter. Lame, indeed.

But it is night time now, and that means I am getting a jolt of energy and ready to write write write! I still havent written the conclusion to MMMhub, yet (no rush), but I did make a hell of a lot of progress with jotttt(.co) notes last night by watching a coding on iPad tutorial, got some app suggestions, and of course wrote the jotttt Wiki. So those are all good things.

Anyway, be back in a bit!

I am not going to go into too much detail here about the wiki I made for, and instead will simply link it so you can see for yourself (

Anyway, it is 10:46 PM on a Friday night and cars are flying down the road and keeping me awake so I figured I would compile the wiki and also take down more notes for the jotttt project as I had some ideas, found some more resources, and was starting to lose track of all the stuff I was finding that could help me, so I had to get them written down in Notes for iPad, and then that evolved into a summarized wiki, and blah, blah.

Thats all for now. Be back in a bit!

I poured my heart out about how much I loved Pages for iPad not long ago. For the most part, it is a pretty good app for e-books and whatnot. It certainly made Littered Thoughts look a lot prettier. However, when it comes to doing things from scratch, it is not as pretty. Kind of a chore, really.

But anyway, I am thinking of putting together a new e-book and I am not 100% sure if I am going to write it from scratch or what, but I was thinking along the lines of meta-meta-meta writing and writing about how I failed to write Job Corps Rule! and the embarrassingly bad Party Like Its 1999 and how my only good book (in my eyes) is Littered Thoughts, and maybe An Imperfect Dream.

In fact I need to harvest An Imperfect Dream from Kindle Direct right now.


I have a Leica Sofort. Leica is usually a very expensive camera brand, but they sell the Sofort, an instant film camera, for ~$300 and used for even cheaper. I bought a Sofort new (in Mint color) for....I dont know how much I spent on it because I needed a battery + charger + extra battery + monochrome film rolls, etc. It was a chunk of change, though. I am not saying this to brag, I am just saying it is a TON of fun to have an instant camera in 2019! I remember growing up (in the 80s and 90s) with a Polaroid camera always on-hand and snapping pictures of whatever, whenever and many of those same snaps are saved in cardboard boxes and albums at the parents house to this day. I also have a lot of them digitized and saved on a flash drive + Apple Photos, as well. Photography has always been a. Small fascination of mine and I want to take it further.

However, I am not in any way interested in a DLSR camera or anything like that. If I wanna take a good digital photo, I have a Pixel 3a that takes great digital photos. Video? Not necessary for my life at all. So I am ordering even more monochrome and color film for the Leica, and I am going to work on the photos I take. They are tons of fun just for memory-sake, even if they are not award-winning shots. Just having fun, is all.

Be back in a bit!

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