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Got a 4-pack of 500 mg (Extra Strength) capsules and took two of them just now, because my wisdom tooth is bothering me for some reason, which really sucks. But the Tylenol will make things better (for a while, anyway). I also picked up a soda, Lucky Strikes, yada yada.

I have therapy at noon today (I think), but I have yet to confirm it. I will confirm it very soon. Now, I await yet another callback, because the other person, who called me back yesterday, did not answer when I called her back – so round and round we go :/

It's also lawn mowing day here at the apartment complex, and they are loud, and everywhere, but the air smells like fresh cut grass and is quite pleasant, so no complaints.

A nice morning, too. Low-70's.

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There is a thing I have said since 2012, and that is: “no matter what you are doing in the present moment, you are wholeheartedly and unequivocally NOT doing anything else”. And what I mean by this, is that everyone has a “one-track mind”, and don't need any special motivation or assistance or “inspo” to keep their attention on what it directly right in front of them. They (myself included) simply need to be distracted less.

What I am doing (in regards to web development – and writing, too, to a certain extent) is documenting my trials and tribulations in life and learning (and learning about life). And I enjoy online journaling, and writing about what comes of what with anything/everything I am learning, or experiencing. And also (not that I am doling some half-assed, unsolicited advice), I see many, Many, MANY people get all worked up about “The Process” of doing XYZ thing (be it learning a skill, reading X amount of books in a year, or building a product), and I hope they realize that the documentation process is not necessary. At all. If you or anyone genuinely wants to do a thing, then DO that thing! Just go ahead and do it and if you feel like talking/writing about it later, then do that if/when you can.

But, again, this isn't the most important thing we (everyone) has to face in this day and age. So, worry less, love more :)


I don't have any photos to share of actual heat maps (or “hot zones”) of COVID in The States or anywhere else, because I do not want to take someone else's copyright or whatever, but I just saw the one for Missouri (where I live), and it's pretty friggin' grim. Same for the “key” or “legend” to the side of the image which shows age ranges, and this virus seems to be infecting teenagers the worst. It could be because many of them are in school, or some perhaps cannot (or are not allowed to) get the vaccine, or XYZ reason(s) – IDK, I am not a scientist nor doctor, and I don't have any “professional” say in the matter.

It's a grim thing, though. Or I still view it (the pandemic) as a grim (ongoing) occurrence in the world. Some areas (states, counties, or in some cases entire countries) will have a lockdown, then some election happens and they elect some renegade cowboy as President, or Prime Minister, or whatever the case, and then all of a sudden people are being told that lockdowns are not necessary, or effective, and to go out and shake hands an tongue kiss their neighbors and everything else.

I don't know what to make of it – society's (aggressive) reaction at large, and how far-flung conspiratorial hearsay came to rule the day, and people are legit dying, their friends, families, and neighbors are in insufferable conditions, and some (what seems like the majority of people these days) seems to be all too keen on letting it all play out.

And I cannot even muster a “it just goes to show you”, or “what it tells me about humans is...” type of parable for any of this. Because doing so would make it seem as if I had any type of grip on the magnitude (and consequences therein) of the situation. Maybe it turns into an endemic? Maybe this, maybe that – I cannot predict the future. I can just move forward to do the right thing, and hope I survive it all, and that those whom I love and care about do the same thing.


I have an issue, a First World Issue™ (but not really a problem), and that is, I do not have an external webcam (nor a built-in webcam) for this external display monitor. It's a pain, a bother, and is slightly inconvenient. I have my MacBook connected to this monitor at all times (usually, until I really wanna migrate to the easy chair, or if I don't plan on doing any web dev for a few days), and that means people have to place calls via Google Duo (because if the call is placed through FaceTime, I have no choice but to text them right away and ask that they use GD), and then I have to A) switch to my phone to take the call, and B) unplug my EarPods (not AirPods) and from the Mac and plug them into my phone so I can hear the person over the sound of the noisy fridge or/and dishwasher or/and AC unit or/and outside noise (when the door is open).

A simple video call is a hassle, and that is an issue for most people in 2021. I couldn't care less (usually), but now everyone I know is on the video call gravy train, and I miss at least one call a day, and have to return the call several minutes later.

So, webcam right? The answer is, yes. I need a somewhat decent webcam for my desk rig. I did a fast DDG search, and wound up on The Verge, and saw their recommendations, and then wound up on the Logitech site (imagine that, I already have a Logitech MX Keys keyboard and cheapo Logitech mouse, why not toss in a webcam?), and I forget the particular model number in question, but it is a USB-C compatible unit, and has 1080p video, looks sleek, and is ~$150 (which seems expensive, but I guess that is common for USB-C webcams? Because all the other ones were under $100 but with only USB-A, which I do not have, so...).

It's a thing I am considering. Not too thrilled about having a webcam, as the security on the things are not very good from what I hear, and I consider them more or less an IoT (Internet of Things) device, and those are usually trash, but, I need to be able to place calls.

And yea, the MacBook cam and the Moto G7 Power cam are fairly poor quality, but I am not too concerned with video quality (I wouldn't be opposed to something better, though).

Anyway, just putting it out there.

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Sometimes, I see people (online) using official, legit, “real deal” code editors to write/edit code (which I do not do, I keep the whole damn thing within the file system on the VPS, itself, and then a backup through various files on TextEdit by (manually) copying/pasting everything). For now, my system works great – a non-Git, un-Git, con-Git (lol) approach to doing development. But it cannot last, I don't think. I will have to have some sort of legit editor when I start to fool with opensource stuff (in Winter 2021/22). So, that is where Atom comes in. I've heard a lot about VSCode, and have seen all kinds of screenshots of people using SumblimeText – but I just want to use Atom (probably because it is the first one I ever heard of).

So, I guess the point of this blog post is to say, I like Atom. It's fairly easy, straight-forward, not much to “guess” about, or figure out – it's just as it “should” be (whatever “should” implies).

But, I am not going head first just yet. I will do my copy/paste song and dance from my unGit File System™ into Atom over the course of the next day or so, and see where I go from there.

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Got all the stuffs I needed, but not much in the way of fruit, because I needed Cascade + Clorox Wipes, etc., so, yea. I won't starve though, just won't be eating all raw for the next seven days as I had planned.

I'm weird. I walked in the door, put away groceries, struck a bowl of tobacco, and then started writing right away. Like, “why the hurry?”. I always need to be journaling everything it seems, and I am OK with that, but it is definitely an odd thing to do, I think.

Either way, when I was out and about I got a callback for the person I had been waiting on, so that is good. Will return their call in a few minutes.

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Cleaned up the kitchen (which was a mess), started dishes, took out the trash, straightened up the bedroom/made the bed, cleaned up the bathroom vanity, etc. I still need to purchase some Clorox Wipes, though, so everything is legit clean and not just clean in appearance.

Made coffee, too

I am heading out of here in about an hour, so I am just keeping myself busy, for the most part.

My shoulder/neck; so-so. Still sore, but not radiating pain throughout the left-hand side of my body like yesterday. I'll get through it.

Not 100% sure if “Raw Week” is happening today or not, because there are several other expenses that I noticed around the apartment that would eat (pun!) into the fruit budget. I need Clorox Wipes, Cascade Pods, and I need to put a few bucks on my laundry card, as well (which is like a prepaid thing, instead of quarters, which works a lot better in the long run).

Just finished the coffee, too. Delish. It was the last of the Cameron Coffee, so I will need to pick up Folgers Instant when I am at the store, too.

Yep, moving through the day.

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Got some time to kill for the next few hours, so I will find something to do that will take my mind off the fact that I am waiting for a ride, lol!

My budget is for the most part finalized, so nothing to add/subtract from there. And I am still kinda/sorta thinking of audio equipment that I may pick up in October, as all other needs are met (that I can tell). But the only piece of audio gear that I think I would be able to actually hear a significant improvement on, would be a HELM Bolt USB DAC/amp. It's an anomaly that I have been an audio enthusiast for over a year (most of those tunes being digital), and I have yet to buy a dedicated DAC. Came close a lot of times, but never went for it. I think October is the month I buy a DAC :)

Anyway, gonna find something to do

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Just a tad bit of rain here last night, but no storm from what I can tell. Weather forecast was way off. But, we need at least some rain.

Anyway, it is almost 9:00 AM, and I got OK sleep since the last blog post, and this time I was actually able to sleep on my left-hand side (the side that hurts). I feel like things are more “in alignment” now, and less pain than yesterday, too. Still going to buy Tylenol when I am out and about, though.

Speaking of out and about, I will fetch a ride to Schnucks as planned, but the donations to Pevely Pantry will have to wait, because it is a lot of driving and the moms is tired (she's been out of town for four days), so we will make the donation early next week.

Now, coffee.

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...because I don't think I can lay on just one side anymore. Shoulder/neck pain sucks, but, I'll get through it.

Now, coffee. And unless I feel super inspired tomorrow night, I am going to take a day away from any dev activities, because shit will burn me out real fast if I am not careful. I have an idea of what to do next and how to do it, I am just not “up” for the mental legwork it will require to make all of that happen right now, lol!

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