I don't play video games

I don't watch TV

I don't watch movies

I barely watch YT

But I do spend a lot of “screentime” staring at my phone, writing random bullshit and thinking (writing) out loud to an echo chamber of what I am going to be doing next with my life/what I am doing right Now.

I could/should reduce my screentime but writing solely in a paper journal doesn't appeal to me. At all.

I don't know ow why I mention this other this is my blog and it is what I wanted to say. :)

Be back in a bit!

Not in the mood for it.

I am in the mood for more diet pepsi and #writing, though. I have no idea what the #stlwx will bring today, but if the weather is good, I will get my walk in, for sure. If it's cloudy shit, inside I stay.

Discovered a few things this AM. They are:

  • I cannot use Google Sites for the Web app I wanna build

  • but I can (and will) use Google Cloud (which is priced fairly

  • The upvote/downvote system is written in PHP. There are examples on StackOverflow

  • I know the URL that I am titling it (to be announced)

  • and I have a simple system (thx to a Masto user) to cheaply self-host my #blog

All these things can, and will, start to happen the first day of May when I buy the Mac from the corner shop around the way (they sell refurbished Apple products)


... I have been pulling up resources for the Web app idea (which I titled MakeMeMinimal) and I decided I am going to host it on Google Cloud (as their $300 per 12 months seems fair enough) should I even need to host it there. I may be able to swing it with BUT, I have to have a desktop enviro before I can do any of this! Until then: 🚧

Gonna be fun though

There will be longer, more insightful blog posts on here sometime but right now i have had a lot of caffeine and am energized and the posts are shorter.

So, there's that for now.

for now: is where the landing page is at. #ebook (“Littered Thoughts”) is on there, too. Took about four minutes to get that set up.

Now i am having an “everything bagel” and a pop and thinking of what else I can do tonight.

Be back in a bit

Or restored

I was able to re-enable Google Drive on this phone and when I looked in the Trash bin, I found all my old text docs + some (very good) Christmas 2018 photos + a random #ebook or two I downloaded from the Internet at some point.

So, this is good. Now I can re-host “Littered Thoughts” on Scribd (not Scrivener like i previously said, that is a MacOS writing app) and then drop that link somewhere. Hell, I'll just host it from G Drive. IDGAF.

So, success!!

It's Friday night and I am inside at 11PM having coffee (espresso, really) and it is bold and i feel great! Life is good, tbh. This weekend is gonna be kick ass, too (as long as the weather in STL is good tomorrow).

I have nothing special to do tonight, but i have some things planned as far as what project(s) I am going to be working on in the near future. I know i wanna get the blog self-hosted ASAP, but that is sort of an automatic thing that is going to happen in the background and...yeah, as far as the things planned, I have:

  • a Black Metal EP I am working on (artwork, song lyrics: done) where I am putting together to atmospheric tunes together in BandCamp for Android and will continue to record on that platform until I switch to GarageBand for Mac OS.

  • A Web app in store (again, when I get said Mac) that will initially be an upvoting/downvoting system (at first) and will be very basic, very niche group of people will want to use it. But you know, for fun!

And those are the only two things. I may toss together an #ebook somewhere down the line and self-host that download (PDF) on Scrivener like I did w/ “Littered Thoughts”, but, that is for another time

Which reminds me, I need to look that link up again and toss it up somewhere.

Be right back!

Well, nothing tonight. Tomorrow I workout. Day after that I help my family do some yardwork at the 'rents house.

But tonight, nothing but “strategize” so to speak. I know I wanna self-host this blog when I get the Mac, but other than a few quick walkthru's i have seen on the Internet, I am not sure exactly how to BUILD a self-hosted blog. I will figure it out though.

After 13 years of #blogging, I sorta feel that it is all I know. Not terribly “good” at other things, journalism sucks ASS, #books (and even #ebooks) are a hassle unless I have the time + motivation. So, blogging it shall always be.

That's all for now.

Doing the opposite of what I was doing for such a long period of my life when i was bored.

For a min i thought I had ADHD, but then i remembered that I do no believe in that shit, and decided I was just surrounded by a piece of shit of a friend who did and his boredom was contagious. Also, my Twitter TL was going hella slow. Fixed that. Not reading Twitter anymore.

Now, I am going to kick myself into gear because now that college is out of the way (i quit), I don't have any excuse to not be doing 100% what I want to be doing with my life. Which is #blogging (duh!) and also maybe making a Web app. But I need a computer to do this, so I am going to buy one, ASAP.

Luckily, i don't have much longer to wait until I can go and buy a refurbished MacBook (Pro/Air/doesn't matter), and I can get some things done that I have wanted to get done for a while. That includes self-hosting a blog, which means not posting on anymore, but I will be here for a while longer, I think. I wanna design my own site.

So that's where things are right now. Thanks for reading.

I closed up my old Twitter (or logged out, anyway) and will use my other Twitter acct (with way less tweets) instead. I feel like I sorta have to act a certain way on my old acct and I wanna change. Change like, WHO I am. I like being creative. I like being productive. I like spending my time doing what I want to do. These three things play together nicely when I am not wasting my time with college.

Moving on with life.

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