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Put up about 10 blog posts today over on (AKA on (and yes, WWW necessary – it's complicated)), and I am loving it! Can't exactly describe why other than, yea, it is good! :)

The majority of my blog posts will be there, so if you subscribe to this blog's RSS feed, please do subscribe over there. I will (in time) export my blog posts from W.a and import them to, but, I will continue with the shortform blog posts there. That, and the one or two word blog post titles (because I like it that way).

More honest, genuine writing comes from me when it is in regular text editor, instead of the ever-looming “Publish” button sitting there. More of a contemplative/deliberate process, I suppose.

And I will continue to read, as there are a lot of good writers on here. I think the ones I <3 the most will be put on my Feedbin RSS reader, so I can have a one-stop-shop for all my reading materials ;)

If you need/want to contact me, to say “hello”, or say anything at all, you can reach out via, as comments never made it to W.a (yet).

Posts will be numerous on, just as they have been here for the past 2 ½ years.

Hope to see you on the other side! :):):)

... now I'm at >>> 👋

So, today will be a blot day (a day writing on and this is a good thing. Over there, I will put up my blogroll, as well as the about page, which is already live. I will also transfer over my domain ( to blot, and this W.a blog will go back to “”. No other plans as of yet.

And “hey-oh!” to Mike's Thoughts, who reminded me of, when I remembered all the (very good) things I read about it in years prior. I love it, so far. And yes, I will do a yearly subscription for blot very soon, and briefly considered transferring my W.a posts over there, but the jury is still out on that one. Might happen. Definitely worth considering. I love when I see an old blog (like Neil Fraser's blog/site comes to mind) that has decades worth of blog posts, and it is like a trip back through time.

For now, writing to write. Having fun! :)

... now I'm at >>> 👋

That is, I set up a blog on It is $4 a month (which I wish I could pay yearly, but it will be a $4 per mo charge no matter what, it seems). The URL is (for now). I will likely do a custom domain for the thing.

I also did the “Essay” template, as it is minimalist and sexy af.

So, the process for me (for now) goes:

  • write something (in markdown, if I choose) on Joplin (a note-taking app)

  • right-click and “Export” as a .MD file

  • save it to Desktop

  • Drag/drop the file into the blot Dropbox folder here on the MacBook

  • Blot does the rest. Just goes live to the blog within seconds :)

Not bad, I suppose

I likey

... now I'm at >>> 👋

Took out the 26 inch, 1080p monitor, again. I've been putting off buying the stuff I need to use it (such as keyboard, mouse, etc.) but I think I will finally get that stuff in May. The monitor will sit on my desk between now and then as a reminder to just order the stuff.

It's a nice monitor. Everything is crisp and clean on it, even though the io is lacking (with just one HDMI, no USB (of any type), and some VGA connector (or whatever) on it). The thing is nice, though. I want to have it so I can not have to constantly click through, and layer windows, and blah blah, etc. on a tiny 13 inch display on the MacBook Air.

Other than that, not a whole hell of a lot going on. Played e-mail tag with someone a little bit ago, made plans for laundry at the 'rents tomorrow, and expecting the Etsy refund soon enough (tomorrow, probably).

Nothing too amazing to talk about at the moment. Be back later.

... now I'm at >>> 👋

The whole room is filled with the ambiance of “10 Russians” tobacco at the moment, because I just had a pipe of the stuff. Decided to forgo the nicotine gum, because I wanted coffee, instead.

51F, overcast, drizzling rain a bit (I think), and I have the electric candle on in an otherwise darkened room.

Sometimes, I feel as though I am running out of things to say, stories to tell on the ol' bloggo – but then one comes to mind that is interesting and I enjoy sharing it.


I know that the evening is quiet and peaceful (aside from the loud dishwasher that is running), and I am tired (despite the coffee) and may turn in in a little while.

On that note, I will see you all soon

... now I'm at >>> 👋

I am making coffee right now, yada yada, nothing new there. But what is a little “off” is the fact that I am c.r.a.v.i.n.g. some candy right now. Maybe once or twice per year I actually crave candy. And I genuinely think it has to do with the fact that I watched a clip from the movie American Ninja 2: The Confrontation earlier on YouTube. When I was 6, 7, 8 years old, The American Ninja franchise of movies were LIFE. Me and my friends “T” and “J” would all hang out and watch the first AN movie (the original, which they owned), or/and the second movie (which I had a VHS of), or part three, or part four (which we would rent from the local U-Gas) – and we would eat SO MUCH candy and get wound up beyond belief and go in the backyard and (make-believe) beat the crap out of each other like we were the ninjas in the movies. Good times, indeed.

But, for some “deep” sub-conscious reason, I am now craving candy. I am going to buy some Skittles, or Fun Dip, or something tomorrow (and I promise not to beat anyone up afterwards ;))

But, for tonight, I will settle for mint flavored nicotine gum (which is kind of tasty in and of itself, but not candy – it is considered a medication). That, and coffee (just not together).

... now I'm at >>> 👋

It rain on and off here all afternoon, and has been overcast since about 12:30. So, I didn't do much with the day (which would have otherwise possibly seen a hike, or maybe not, can never tell).

Of course all my energy comes at night, so I didn't expect much during daylight hours, anyway.

[2 minutes later]

Just took a quick “time-out” to get in the resistance bands training (first set of 20), and will finish the 100 curls within the next 20 or so minutes (mostly due to rest time). Love doing these.

More later

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I like Always have. I like, too. But I can only blog in so many places, and I think I like the concept and process of even more. I've heard/read about the service for years, and I just write in a text editor, and put the file in a Dropbox folder, and when that Dropbox folder syncs to the Web, the blog post is published! Viola! I wouldn't even have to use the Internet!

So, this could be a good methodology of having a blog, without having to use a blog (interface), so to speak.

Anyway, just an idea I am toying with. More on this later.

... now I'm at >>> 👋

Had a good virtual therapy session just now. Without getting too technical I talked about where I am going (and where I came from) with web dev, as well as how people conduct themselves (or how I conduct MYself) on the Internet (aka fairly friendly (or I hope!)), as well as a number of other topics.

It was an uplifting and good session, have another session in two weeks :)

Now, time for more coffee – and probably looking at some web dev stuffs soon after that.

... now I'm at >>> 👋

Inspo'd by zymotux's Tech projects post, I figure I would do a fast rundown of what I am doing, and have done, in terms of digital “cleaning up” over the past week (and beyond!):

  • deleted old domains I didn't have use for from GoDaddy, only keeping a handful of “useful” ones (,,,

  • deleted the old Linode VPS, but kept the smaller “Nanode” which hosts I also have $10 credit on Linode(.com), so I will start a fresh Nanode soon

  • completely re-did the /open page, which still includes all the info I want it to have, but is much more short-winded and to-the-point.

  • deleted the old e-book project (if I could only count how many e-books I have scrapped in my life) that I started on a sub-blog on W.a titled The Plain Diarist. Luckily, I was only about 1K words into it, and not too much time was wasted on it.

  • registered by new Yubikey 5C to my GoDaddy account, my Google account (which is still necessary in my life), and my pCloud account. Accompanied with Google Authenticator (because GA is the only method pCloud will accept, apparently).

  • also (as mentioned, if not obvious) I bought recently (for this blog), which costs a tad bit o' money, but wasn't bank-breaking by any means. Just not the $0.99 domains I am used to

Still to do

  • Renew account ($19 per year) in May

  • Get ProtonMail Premium ($$ unknown) soon

That's all! :)

... now I'm at >>> 👋

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