1 9 9 – out of the 200's (4.15.2022)

Woke up, and before breakfast, or coffee, or anything, I weighed myself on my scale, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that I am now 199 pounds! Out of the 200's! I am sort of accounting for all this due to the fact that I have been getting in morning walks to the grocery store every morning for the past two months, and that is usually about 25 minutes of walking, round-trip.

I am down from 244 – in late-2019. I had early onset of Fatty Liver Disease, was borderline Diabetic (was insulin resistant), had high A1C (which is overall blood sugar, from what I understand), I had knee problems sometimes, and in the high humidity months (in Summer), I would be damn near hyperventilating from simple walks to/from the store. It was a damn nightmare.

I will never do that again. I will never be under weight again, either (similar to early-2015 when I was 155 pounds due to extreme amounts of lengthy cardio workouts + energy drinks). There was also another time (in late-2006) when I was 132 pounds (due to lack of proper mental health care), and that was bad, too.

Moderation. No “extremes”.

Healthy. Happy. Fit. And feeling good :)

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