8:41 PM – Monday

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Nix the last post I made. I will not be rejoining Mastodon. Even if I am “approved” for the s.l.p acct on that instance, I will ignore it/not join.

Life can be dull/boring at points w/o the constant stimuli of social media, but it is a contemplative and calm existence that I enjoy, nonetheless. It's a shame more people can't enjoy it. They CAN enjoy it, but I don't know anyone IRL under 60 years old who doesn't have some sort of SM acct. :(

But anyway, I head out of here at noon tomorrow to do laundry + some shopping (perhaps), and then it is back home to count down the hours until a midnight payday. I might make the walk to Circle K at that time and buy some stuffs, but I am not concerned with that right now.

Same old same old over here

The coffee is good 👍

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