A Day Unwinding

I walked to/thru/and back from Cliff Cave Park earlier today which is about 4 miles in total. Was a really nice walk. Nice weather. Feels great. Been eating fruit all day, too. I also got in 50 crunches and having Daily Detox tea right now (well, it is brewing).

I got a beef with Kevin though (as in, a grudge). Kevin is a caseworker for some office here in St Louis county and he is the Biggest bitch I have ever met. I literally disliked his existence the second I first talked to him. I told him I wasn't in college anymore and this motherfucker i.n.t.e.r..r.o.g.a.t.e.d. me like I just murdered his best friend. He wanted to know every reason, and why, and exactly how I dropped my classes and then repeat.

I was basically yelling at him at one point and telling him it was none of his god damn business.

Either this fuckbag takes a walk, or I do. I am not going through that HELL again. I am going to call his supervisor before our next appointment and get a new worker, or cancel workers. I don't fucking need them.

That's all