A deliberate effort towards good health

My diet has been habitual lately. For about two months I have been eating mostly fruits (oranges, apples, avo, bananas, and sometimes mango), and I have been avoiding starchy carbs (bread, potatoes, pasta) – and I have been increasing “superfoods” such as green tea (iced), black coffee (which I consider a superfood), extra virgin olive oil, and even sometimes pure cacao chocolate (or, 90% pure). Avo can be considered a superfood, too, due to the fact that it is the highest source of plant-based fat in the “plant kingdom”.

But, also, I need to make a deliberate effort to get in more cardio. As much as possible. The resistance bands exercises are good, too, but cardio is where I see/feel the most results, no question.

Getting the diet “down” (or in-check) was/is a good move for me. Happy to keep it that way. There's only certain things I wanna eat, anyway, and most of them are fairly healthy.

More later

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