a different (music) system

Or, I should say, a SECONDARY music system. A Desktop Audio Rig™. It is something I am looking into.

Why do this?

Well, because I sit at my desk a lot. Bluetooth headphones are a pain in the ass (and no good), and I would like to have a lil sumthin-sumthin to hear in Hi-Fi when I am at the desk, without fooling with speakers, that I do NOT like to mess with.

See, there is a time and place for me to sit back in the easy chair, usually with pipe in-hand, and hear some tunes via the receiver (+DAC that I wanna buy, too, eventually) – but, when I am sitting at my desk, I want music, too. Music besides just plug-and-go Tidal from the Mac (or phone) directly into the headphones. I want to “mess with the sound” a little bit.

It's something I am considering.

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