A few hours of rest

...is probably all I am going to get tonight. From 1:00 AM to 3:45 AM, that will have to “do” until tomorrow night (unless I am able to nap during the day without the dogs bothering me (which is unlikely)). I'm simply not tired as of now, probably because being out of my own apartment and staying overnight somewhere besides my own home is such a “jarring” and “new” experience for me (IDK how many friggin' years it's been? Close to two years, I'm sure.).

Anyway, I like being out and about a little bit.

As for Now, Here and Now, at 4:30 AM, I just got back inside from having a smoke out on the deck, and the night sky was jet black, but the clouds in the sky were almost as bright white as they are during the daytime. Really beautiful to see – especially with all the stars peering through.

Earlier, I thought about what I would need to do in order to put Lineage OS on my Moto G7 Power smartphone, and soon decided that it was not worth the trouble. I mean, it would mean an extra layer of security, I suppose, but I would likely put Lineage OS on a Moto G Power (which is the naming/branding they are using for the G Power series going forward – dropping the number scheme). And I do want a G Power (from 2021, or even 2022 when it comes out) because it has a nicer camera, and a bigger screen, and this feature and that feature which in the long term are completely superfluous and compulsory things to “need”, and not “essential” to (my) life in any way whatsoever – so the whole damn bit might get skipped? IDK.

Phones are one of my least favorite things to think about, as they are (almost) a redundant form of Internet use in my life. My laptop does hella stuff – why use a smartphone? Answer: the one-off, outlier situations and circumstances that make life significantly more difficult should I not have a phone (of some kind) on my person, in that moment, right then. Convenience isn't convenient anymore – it's a damn expected requirement and a prerequisite for leaving your house, because in Modern Life™ people decided to retire the ability to simply learn how to function/operate/live without some centralized smart device telling them precisely how to do so.

But, I mean hey, these fxxxing things are not going anywhere (like, ever), so I may as well not even mention how poor (or perhaps de-evolved) people have become in the past 30+ years – not from disaster or famine, just from our own out-pacing of ourselves for (relatively) petty advantages over nature. I mean, we've essentially outgrown nature, and now we can spend time developing preposterous applications and ludicrously fast hardware to amuse ourselves with – but it's not what's important. Having a great app/phone/camera/messenger/social network/etc. is not going to lengthen one's life or “cHaNgE tHe WoRlD” – because having any of those things is not meant to change the world, just amuse ourselves and make First World Problems™ ever so slightly less burdensome.

OK, enough of this silly rant. No one's listening and I'm tired of typing, lol!

Back later