a little more coffee

Finally made a scant dinner for myself a bit ago – ramen noodles (no sodium packet) with soy sauce, celery seed, black pepper, sea salt. Was “enough” for me for tonight.

Now, a bold ass cup of coffee. Something to take me into the night, keep me awake.

I have a security update for the Moto G7 Power that I have to do the next time I am on WiFi, as it will not update over data. I guess with all the Google Pixel phones coming out, it is “update season”. And upGRADE season for some, but not me.

Got no plans for tomorrow, or Friday, really. Saturday I am sure I will make a trip to the store and do some grocery shopping. Today's grocery trip was more or less cancelled (long story). I will mail out my sister's birthday card tomorrow, so that will be a THING I do. Non-eventful.

Something I haven't thought about in a long time is: “I should quit the Internet”. I used to really villify (word?) and dislike the Internet, and I tried to quit for long stretches of time before, but never made it longer than a month. But since that time (the last time was late-2017, I think) I have realized that it was social media that I wanted to quit. Whenever I thought to myself “I should quit the Internet”, I should have just been thinking “I should quit Twitter” (as that was the main service I used). Since giving up all socials in September 2019, I haven't really felt the need to speak/think badly of the Internet “at large”. It's a neat service (technically it is a protocol), but, you know, the WWW in general – it's fine. I use it in a quite utilitarian way now, mostly writing, weather updates, e-mail, note-taking, and the occasional YouTube video (which is almost never utilitarian, it's just entertainment). And of course Feedly for RSS/blogs, which I decided I will just pay whatever ransom they want for a Pro account per year, instead of limiting myself in any way on that service. Still no mainstream news, though. Mostly because of ads, but also because I find it all to be more than manipulative – it's downright infuriating (and they do that deliberately). I have ad blockers, but I want the idea that Paul Miller had come to fruition – that of a Content Blocker! That is, put in any keywords or phrases into a “block filter” on a Web browser, and anything that has those words/phrases will be filtered out no matter where you go on the Internet. Can't be impossible to build.

Still, I don't want to walk around with the wool over my eyes, or to pretend like I live in some “media bubble” when I am using the Web. I would rather just deliberately IGNORE all the bad shit that is out there and use my BRAIN as Content Blocker, and consciously decide to not visit sites that want to piss me off for their own financial gain. This sounds like blasphemy to many folks in 2020, but, I don't remember walking around as a kid and seeing e.v.e.r.y. single adult in my life with their nose buried in the newspaper, or a magazine, or even watching news SHOWS in the evening. We spent time with each other, instead. Or just passed some time alone, if need be. Like, it is supposed to be some Societal Badge of Honor™ to be pissed off about the same thing(s) your friends / neighbors / family are all pissed off about 24/7, and then share the shit out of that “cOnTeNt” on Facebook or whatever. Instead, I opted out and chose Life instead. So, I'm somewhat uninformed about every bullshit quote and rumor that occurs in the world. Yet, I continue to breathe, live, love, and remain happy despite not having my finger on the pulse of the planet.

Just, who cares? Honestly.

But anyway, I could say more but won't waste the keyboard taps. I'll finish my coffee, and my smoke, and listen to the breeze outside my door, instead :)

Be back in a bit!

... now I'm at >>> olry.co 👋