a little music to alter the day

For whatever reason, my Tidal account got suspended, even though I tried everything I could to pay them and the site said payment info was good, but there was some sort of issue so I am listening to music on YT for right now. Will be back with Tidal soon though. I'd love to pay yearly and not have to hassle with all of this every single month, but they want recurring income, I suppose.

Not as bad as Apple Music, though. I'll never deal with them again. Or deal with anything in the Apple ecosystem, if I can avoid it. I haven't even had access to the Mac App Store since purchasing this machine in mid-November. And I don't plan on ever GETTING access back, because there are better options out there. I'd like to not have to choose between one monopolistic co over the other, but then again it's better than no choice at all. At least it isn't Windows ;)

Be back later

... now I'm at >>> olry.co 👋