a mental photograph

Tweeting The City

A day, a day long gone by, I sort of had a mental image, of us. Humans on Earth (in the developing world, and The West). That of “what makes kings kings, what makes queens queens, the importance, relevance, and edge of the modern era of 21st Century civilization”.

A lot of what had been going on (say, 2010 through 2014) seemed to be social media-centric – in (tech) business, in time spent online, in default/go-to apps installed on a phone, and even the greater world of media, in general.

It kind of birthed the initial “It's What's Happening” moniker of Twitter to begin with, but everything on and offline tended to make it's way around to, or even started on, a social media platform of some sort. Kind of an “out in the world – strangers about” approach from Twitter, and a “back home to milk n' cookies” vibe from Facebook.

In all this, the mental imagery I spawned was that of a city-goer. A Manhattan resident, likely in some form of media field, or perhaps business, shuffling hurriedly through crowds of city dwellers and down the steps of the constant subway of Midtown. Phone in-hand. Seeing the business. Commenting on the business. Being the business.

A tried and true personification of “the making it in the world” those of rural regions and “those about” could only yearn for and relegate to personal fantasy.

Perhaps dinner parties with friends/coworkers on a rooftop balcony after sunset. Or a terribly lit bar where sloppy, watered-down drinks were had amongst one's colleagues. A fast happenstance of continual activity, news, ups, downs, details and dialogue of everything deemed significant in the modern world. Documenting it, writing it, photographing it, being of it all.

The era of such a mental photograph has since wavered. The “New York Dream” (or some may deem it, The American Dream) continues for many, I am sure. As does a lagging and fledgling social media “place” in the world. But “the fast move up” has reached it's plateau. Things of umph and triumph have seen the sunlight, and other times arrived.

But as it is, we carry on. Living the best as we can.

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