A nice day comes to a close

Was a bright, beautiful, sunny day here today. Windy as hell, too. Definitely enjoyed it. The wind is maintaining, might even increase throughout the night, but the air is not biting cold (or not cold at all), so it's good.

What to write about? I don't know, life? The world? (bleh, no)

Fact is, sometimes there simply is nothing to write about. The world (and I, in it) swirl and change and adapt to the whereabouts of living, and are in a constant state of trying to make sense of our surroundings 24/7. It's a fascinating task, to be alive. I, for one, admire it.

But what is something CONCRETE, something TANGIBLE, something you can wrap your arms around and bite between your teeth and say β€œyes, god damn it! THAT is real!” For this I am without prose. Just another guy on the WWW hammering out text for the cluster of r.w.a loyalists (and for the handful that subscribe to my blog via RSS). Daily updates about my day. Sometimes a longform. Tech talk, sometimes. Tobacco, coffee, minimalism, music, and madness. That's about all that fits here.

More later

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