a vending machine Thanksgiving

I was walking to my apartment (a place I hate), after returning for the weekend from my sister's house, and I was thinking: “what is low? The lowest of low? The bottom of nothing? The most rotten, absolutist, epitome of junk-style Thanksgiving?”

I was returning from Schnucks, and I had groceries in tow, and with enough goods to see me through for a lone Thanksgiving, as well as a nice evening visit for Friendsgiving with Neighbor S tomorrow night, and then it hit me: a Thanksgiving where the only consumables available were from a vending machine.

The vending machine via laundromat is sparse, and I had the junk from there anyway, but if I went there to get snacks ON Thanksgiving, it would be pure desolation :/

But, I am ok in the food regard. Life...meh.

There will be no one at my sisters this weekend (tomorrow through Sunday), so I came back here momentarily.

Anyway, later

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