A Write-only Internet (is probably impossible, but...)

I am just perusing this (not distinct) possibility for my own amusement. And what I mean by a “write-only” Internet is if I were to use the Internet for blogging, and e-mails, and texting (because I use Signal, which requires data (the Internet)), and NOT surfing the Internet. Like, ever.

Right now I read R.w.a (which I quite enjoy), and keep up with things on Feedly (which I also quite enjoy), and that's about all. I sometimes surf from link to link from stuff put in blog posts, but that's it. So sort of surfing in the shallows. A small body of water – a wave pool.

So, short of reading something someone sent me, or proof-reading something I wrote, there wouldn't be any reading going on (or photo viewing, or even YouTube consumption).

Yea, weird, idk – doubt I could do it. LOL!

... now I'm at >>> olry.co 👋