admitting something

to the blog. Why the blog? Because the blog is where I admit/fess up/get honest about everything.

I've been drinking

Not heavily. Not daily. But for reasons which I cannot pinpoint, and more than likely will not ever be able to pinpoint. It's been going on for close to a year.

Feels cathartic to write that, to have it “out there” :)

Basically, every few days, or twice a week, I will go to BP for my regular smokes + a soda – but sometimes I get a small aluminum bottle of Miller Lite or/and a couple “airplane” bottles of Jameson. I consume, I listen to music, I sometimes get sick, I sleep. And I hate it.

So I am stopping this. Oct. 17, 2020 (today) is my official Sober Day. Or Quit Date. I've never done AA before, might not ever (who knows?), but I know a lot about the program, and derive good things from what I've heard about it.

Anyone/everyone can thank Edith Zimmerman (of The Hairpin fame) for writing How To Change Without Willpower which I have never read in-full, but the opening paragraphs got me to thinking. Ultimately, I decided to quit for myself, and I am proud of that.

Now it's out there. And I have to be accountable (to myself, at least) and to stay true and stay sober.

Thanx for reading

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