all Firefox'd up (+ a bit about blogging)

So, I am good to go and all synced up with FF on both the Moto G7 Power and the MBA. I also went ahead and re-installed ProtonMail on the Moto, just so I can stop constantly checking it in the Web browser. I am not sure why I uninstalled PM from the phone? I think I wanted to check the phone less, but every time I had the phone in my hand I would check my e-mail, so...

So, this is neat. Better than Safari? More private, that is for sure. Will it run as, or more, efficient than Safari? Perhaps. I hope.

Either way, it's time for 3:45 in the AM coffee, and it will likely be an all-nighter for me, because I am not tired at all.


A Bit About Blogging

Came across a blog post from titled something to the effect of “blog more” or “You should blog”, or something like that, and it was a fine little text hammer (I'll just refer to fast, short blog posts as text hammers from now on, thx). Saying that everyone can/should maintain a blog, it opens opportunities for people, is their own corner of the WWW, etc. Good stuff (and I agree, and have been saying similar stuff since forever – although with little to no fanfare). And yea, since 2006 (or 2002 if you want to get technical), blogging has been a blast for me. Always did it, always will do it. Even if relegated to a smartphone with no WiFi and just my thumbs on a flat slab of glass, I get stuff written. Because iT's AlL i KnoW! LMAO!

Seriously though, I would be lost without blogging. Even though I may get but a few comments, or Thanx, or just a “hi” per month – it is worth it. Because though I am glad some people read this little corner of the WWW, it is here for myself. And WHERE I write, and HOW I write, and to WHOM I write makes a big difference in my world. Forum entries, Tweets, Toots, status updates, etc. – those don't work for me. It has to be in a longform (or, potentially a longform) text editor, and that text editor has to be going live on the Internet (e.g. blog platform), and it has to be as non-commercial (ad-free) as possible. Those are (some of) my standards.

People sometimes want to go back to the “Olden Days of Blogging Yore”, and when people could have Big, Noticeable, Relevant platforms just by hitting “Publish” on a blog post – and they capitalized on this by filling their little blogs with ads, and sponsored posts, and doing what everyone does when a certain service or platform gets trendy – make money from it. But rarely do I see people yearning for the days of “Blogging Antiquity”, before ads, or sponsors, or commercialism overran the blogosphere. Just, writing in/on the thing like a notebook, of sorts. Or a journal. About one's life. A log. On the Web. A Web-log. It's very raw when you really think about it.

I'm just a guy, though. I don't think I have any “say” or authority on what a blog is, can be, should be, or anything like that. I write because I am afflicted to do so. Under my own prescription of self-contemplation in written form. A typist.

Thanx for reading.

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